“We send a message”

Miguel Barriola was one of the players with the highest performance in Larre Borges’ victory over Colón at the start of the Play-Offs. After the game he spoke with Basketball Total.

On the importance of the triumph achieved, he commented: “It was important to start winning in a resounding way, the truth was we had a brilliant defense in the first half more than anything, in the third quarter we lost concentration a bit, but the team is solid. We have goals everywhere and we depend on ourselves, to manage our downturns and our emotional moments “

He also deepened when talking about the defense in the first half: “We knew that scoring chances are almost always generated by (Martín) Mayora and the idea was to defend him, to allow him to shoot a little, but without so much confidence and above all to close all of us with (Martín) Trelles, who we know is the scorer of them. It was a very supportive, very communicative defense, I think we could all change with everyone at any time and we got very hard behind, talking to each other a lot so that if a teammate got lost they would always have one behind. It goes a lot in that, in the trust that we have in each other as a collective defense “

About the third quarter, the moment in which Colón approached on the scoreboard, he commented: “We lost our minds a bit, we took a lot of hasty shots, we came out straight to shoot instead of wearing them down a bit inside which was where we had a bit more of an advantage. But they also play, we are playing important things both teams and they could have some reaction, luckily we knew how to retain it and then get the final 20 points again “

When talking about the impact within the squad of starting the Play-Offs like this, he said: “We send a message. We are doing very well and we are going to continue on this path. We are playing Play-Off, there are three games left for promotion and we will come with that head the next game to close the series. Winning like this means playing calmly, and after two more defeats at the close of the regular season, it’s great for us ”

Finally, he spoke of that closure of the regular phase: “I don’t know if the preparation for this event affected us so much because we had a lot of time to work and do it well. We had a pretty long week of work. What did cut us off the positive streak we had and all the sending that we had been bringing from several consecutive victories. He hit us at the right time because if it had happened to us now we would be paying a little more expensive consequences. Today we are on the path we want to be, winning so overwhelmingly and we hope to continue like this “