“We really wanted to be up”

Mario Bros managed to access the semifinals of the 3 × 3 division “B”, by eliminating Colón in a tough game. Maximiliano Correa was one of the team’s figures and at the end of the day, he spoke with Básquet Total.

He began by talking about what it was like to get into the top four: “We really wanted to be at the top. We come with all the intention of leaving everything and luckily the results were achieved ”.

Mario Bros was one game away from promotion and against Yale that chance will be defined this Saturday: “The ‘A’ is spicy. With Yale it is a tough game, they were leaders throughout the championship of their group, so I really want to see what happens ”.

On a super windy day, Maxi’s inches weighed on the bass: “To shoot from the outside was very complicated, I had no idea why I didn’t shoot from the outside (laughs). My colleagues knew how to understand that the game happened on the other side and we knew how to adapt to the climate that is part of 3 × 3 as well and that is where we got the result ”.

He also spoke about the formation of a team that stood strong in the tournament: “All Mario Bros have experience in 3 × 3. Iván Remy has international experience, Martín González who won stages, Andy Guillen and me too. We add the other Martín (Pereira), who is a good kid, we love him very much (laughs). We joined because we love discipline, it’s another basketball, it’s another totally different game. Glad to be part ”.

Of the tournament he said: “It is divine, the organization is too many. That there are two courts simultaneously is even an attraction to come see, because you have two games at the same time. Each court with its clock, with its scoreboard, with the rules, with everything organized so that they are fulfilled. We got a bit of an advantage in the early days, because we already knew the rules and the rest were adapting, so that worked in our favor, but now that we are in the definition stage, everything is very even ”.

Despite the fact that they are breaking it in the tournament, the morning has not been very friendly with Mario Bros: “Some colleagues find it difficult to get up, I am not going to give names, because I have codes. Now going up is complicated because it is earlier (laughs). The board of directors will have to meet and make decisions ”.

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“We really wanted to be up”