“We raise the percentages, we come with great confidence”

Malvín did not go through major shocks to defeat Lagomar and reach the semifinals on the right foot. Fernanda Midaglia was one of the first entries of the team, with which the Playeras began to open the advantage. After the game, he spoke with Básquet Total.

La Playa had ups and downs in the regular phase and began by taking stock of the team’s participation in the regular phase: “Of the first 12 games, in the final stretch we are consolidating much more on the issue of each role that the players have to fulfill. Although we are a very long team and the practices are quite intense, when we connect with each other, due to the changes it costs us a bit. But we are already establishing ourselves ”.

The blues managed to meet again with their percentages, after having shot badly in the defeats against the teams above: “Malvín’s strength has always been to run the court and open shots. Both Emi (Larre Borges), La Enana (Florencia Fernández), Fio (Martinelli), are strengthening much more with the outside shot and we are also trying to play the ball a lot inside with Jow (Pucheti) and from there unloading outside. But they are entering, before the percentages were not good ”.

Midaglia had to return to Malvín after several years outside the team and recounted the sensations of his return: “From the first moment I felt comfortable, with several of the girls I had already played before. I’m trying to improve day by day, I have to earn my place. So trying to fully train the physical part more than anything, and earn my minutes on the court ”.

Fernanda palpitated the crossing of a very tough semifinal against Hebraica and Macabi: “They had a very good regular phase, for something they finish first, they have several quite key players. We raised the percentages, we came with a lot of confidence, we were screwing now that we had taken off the macumba, so we trained these three days and put him in for Wednesday ”.

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“We raise the percentages, we come with great confidence”