Watch the dumbest expulsion in the NBA

Iván Holguín López / @ivan_baloncesto

The Angels Lakers are living a difficult stage in this start of NBA season. Multi-piece injuries, poor locker room chemistry and a lack of solid play dynamics put the purple and gold franchise off to a very unfavorable start to the season. But, if we add to that bad luck or arbitration decisions, the Los Angeles team can be much worse. Something that happened to him in the game against Chicago where they suffered the dumbest expulsion of the harvest.

A ridiculous expulsion

The NBA and basketball in general establish several rules to be sent off in a commitment: accumulate 6 personal fouls, 2 technical fouls, or a flagrant type 2 (use of excessive force). Nevertheless, Anthony Davis (the expelled) he was not “thrown” from the game against the Bulls, for any of these situations.

During the third quarter of the game between Bulls and Lakers (who ended up losing by a score of 121-103), the power forward and NBA star, was tying his shoes after they were unleashed on a previous play, but the referee continued with the play quickly.

Anthony Davis seems to have objected that the referee did not give him enough time to fix his shoes, something the referee did not admit and immediately blew his whistle to whistle the second technical foul to the star Lakers player.

The Lakers They were very down at the time and clearly there was a lot of pent-up frustration within Davis. In just the second expulsion in his career, AD finished with 20 points, six rebounds and four losses of the ball in 28 minutes of play.

Second spot of the season

Already during this NBA harvest, Davis had been the figure of a controversial episode when, during a time requested by the coach of Lakers, Frank Vogel, the power forward went to rebuke the veteran center, Dwight howard for his defensive attitude on the court. Done before which “Superman” he reacted badly and got up from the seat with fighting intentions. Luckily their teammates managed to stop them and the incident did not reach a major point.


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Watch the dumbest expulsion in the NBA