Uni Girona returns to benefits in 2021-2022 after two years in the red

Spar Uni Girona returns to benefits. The club founded in 2005 that plays in the women’s Endesa League has returned to profit in 2021-2022, after two years of losses. The entity has recorded a positive result of just over a thousand euros, after record revenues of 1.3 million euros.

“We have managed to balance the budget and this is the objective for 2022-2023: the challenge lies in budget stability and trying to keep spending from skyrocketing, although we have not yet closed the budget,” says Cayetano Pérez, president of the club, to Box23.

For this exercise, the forecast of income and expenses is 1.2 million euros, 8% less than last season. Currently, 30% of the income comes from the contribution by the administration (Girona City Council and Diputació and Generalitat de Catalunya), while the rest corresponds to private sponsorship, merchandise and fertilizers. The entity has agreements with more than 160 companies in the region. On the other hand, the first team usually accounts for 80% of spending in all exercises.

For this year, the club has increased its subscriber base, which has increased by 30%, up to almost 2,000 members. “We are perceiving the effect of having sports diversity in Girona, with Girona FC and Básquet Girona”, acknowledges the president

In June, the club signed an agreement with Marc Gasol’s Bàsquet Girona, who plays for ACB, to jointly develop their base.

The project is led by the historic player Laia Palau. The objective of the alliance is to train players in an integral way, just as Bàsquet Girona has been doing with the men’s teams for eight seasons.

With the alliance, the players of the new base have at their disposal the tools of the ACB club to develop their sports and training activities. The new women’s teams are the only ones in the club that play with the Girona Uni-Laia Palau Basketball shield. Currently, it has fourteen women’s teams and, adding the base of Bàsquet Girona, there are a total of 400 youngsters who compete with the rojiblancos from Girona.

“There is good harmony with Marc Gasol and we work together, we are always trying to make agreements that represent an advantage for both parties,” says Pérez. In addition, he maintains that having the services of Palau “contributes a lot, it is an asset for the club, not only in the sports part, since it has a total involvement in the project”.

For basketball to continue to grow, the manager maintains that “a real commitment” is required from all sectors and that men be given the same visibility as women. “Companies want to sponsor women’s basketball, but they don’tthey also need to have visibility for their brandstherefore, if there is no bet, we have it complicated”, he warns.

In addition, it ensures that the category “he only lacks the official professional title” because “we all consider ourselves professionals”. “We ask that there be a recognized professionalization and with resources and stability, giving a title and that’s it is useless because you have to maintain the project over time,” he stresses.

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Uni Girona returns to benefits in 2021-2022 after two years in the red