Tigre and Formosa won the under 17 basketball


With the realization of the Provincials in two venues, Formosa and Comandante Fontana, the champions of the Evita Games in basketball under 17 were defined. In women the title was in the hands of Pozo del Tigre and in men it went to Estudiantes de Formosa.

In the women’s branch, the Provincial had their matches at the Centenario stadium with these participants: Zone A: Pozo del Tigre, El Colorado and Misión Tacaaglé. Zone B: Ingeniero Juárez, Sarmiento de Formosa and Laguna Yema.

They started the regular phase on Thursday, closed it on Friday and that night the semifinals were completed. Before those games, the La Unión de Formosa team trained at the Centenario and the girls took the opportunity not only to watch practice but also to take photos with the players and with Sebastián Ginóbili, the coach.

Tigre and Formosa won the under 17 basketball

Returning to the game, Ingeniero Juárez defeated Tacaaglé 43-9 and scored in the final. Pozo del Tigre followed in their footsteps, beating Laguna Yema 31-6.

The decisive game was set and the time came to play it on Saturday morning. Pozo del Tigre against Juárez with a totally balanced first half where there were no differences in the figures -9 to 9-. Already in the third quarter, Tigre managed to generate a distance of 18 to 11 that was going to allow him to take control of the game and lead the figures until the closing, reaching a double-digit distance that Juárez managed to reduce in the final stretch, putting a lot of pressure, for a definitive 26 to 20.

Championship won for Pozo del Tigre that will represent Formosa in Mar del Plata with these players: Milagros Argañaraz, Karina Rodríguez, Gabriela Talavera, Isela Domínguez, Nora Frías, María Albornoz and Anahí Vallejos.

For men, the tournament was held in the Municipal Hall of Comandante Fontana with these casts: Zone A: Laguna Yema, Fontana and Belgrano. Zone B: Students from Formosa, Juárez Engineer and Tacaaglé Mission. Zone C: Villa Escolar and Laguna Naineck.

In the semifinals, Estudiantes de Formosa entered the final match by beating Belgrano 115-28 and the hosts, Fontana, beat Villa Escolar 68-25 to win the chance to play for the local title.

On the decisive day, for third place, Belgrano beat Villa Escolar 44-29. In the final for the title, Fontana managed to uneven the figures at the end of the first half and won 44-33. But Estudiantes responded in the third, they were tied at 62 and in the final 10 minutes the cast of the capital took the victory with a 90 to 81.

The champion team of Estudiantes de Formosa had this squad: Facundo Vera, Gabriel García, Bruno Gutiérrez, Lautaro Bogarín, Valentino Pagliano, Santiago Cuevas, Matías Pikaluk, Santino Gómez and Agustín Policastro.

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Tigre and Formosa won the under 17 basketball