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San Isidro won again in the Argentine League and did it with everything. Again as a local, beating Echagüe de Paraná this Sunday in the “Nido”. His next game will be against this same rival but on the road next weekend.

Totally involved, supportive in defense and with the ring that is opening more and more. San Isidro had its second game this season in the Argentine League and overcame the challenge by not giving Echagüe de Paraná any chance 83-63.

The triumph of the “Santo” was unobjectionable, an advantage that he was building from the first period and that he never relaxed to expand as the quarters were passed. He had different ways of scoring on offense and a defense that forced the entire “Nido” to applaud at each court pressure or at Echagüe’s unfinished attacks in 24 seconds.

Emilio Stucky in action.

Passages from Santiago Assum, others from the all-rounder Gonzalo Romero, the always performing Oberto and an extremely even rotation of 10 players that leads to maintaining intensity and energy in the 40 minutes.

san isidro echague 1
Gonzalo Romero was once again one of the high points in the red.

San Isidro left no doubts, he continues to add positive things to his game that he will now have the opportunity to show outside of San Francisco.

The next commitment of the Red Hawks will be on Sunday in Paraná against this same rival, although the possibility of going ahead is latent due to the occupation of the “Butta” on that day.

san isidro echague 4

Then, the “saint” will face the “Sede Santa Fe”; There he will be free on the first day, but then he will have an important run. On Thursday 28 it will collide with Independiente de Santiago del Estero, on Saturday 30 with Villa San Martín de Chaco and on Sunday 31 against Central de Ceres; all the games at the Colón stadium.

san isidro echague 2


San Isidro 83: Santiago Bruno 3, Santiago Assum 15, Milton Vittar 0, José Montero 8, Juan Cruz Oberto 20, Emilio Stucky 7, Jerónimo Suñé 6, Gonzalo Romero 18, Ignacio Cuesta 0, Federico Zezular 7 and Mateo Ascencio 0. DT: Daniel Beltramo.

Echagüe de Paraná 63: Mauro Cerone 2, Matías Stival 8, Alan Moreno 11, Rodrigo Riquelme 8, Lisandro Caraballo 20, Joaquín Fernández Álvarez 2, Leandro Chorvat Ávalos 0, Gerónimo Rosso 1, Hernán Losito and Augusto Bruera 11. DT: Oscar Bonell.

Partial: San Isidro 21 / Echagüe 10 – 43/23 – 63/38 and 83/63.

Referees: Silvio Guzmán, Virginia Peruchini and Federico Socha.

Stadium: “Severo Robledo”