“They are jealous”: Juan Toscano to those who criticize him for “almost not playing” and “not being Mexican”

Juan Toscano became the first Mexican to win the NBA Finals after the triumph of Golden State Warriors over the Celtics. However, and as always happens when a compatriot breaks it, Critics are not lacking.

As is, despite how important it was this season for those from San Francisco, voices did not stop coming out criticizing his lack of minutes on the court or even to call himself Mexican without having been born in Aztec territory.

The Mexican Juan Toscano is at home and this is how he responds to his critics

That is why now that he is in Mexico, the Juan Toscano responded to all those criticisms in a pretty strong way. In a nutshell made it clear that all those comments are slipping, but we are going to review his complete sentences so that you can also check how he treated his detractors.

Juan Toscano He arrived in Monterrey on June 24 to rest and “clear his mind”, in addition to holding some meetings, before traveling to CDMX. It was there where answered some questions of media like ESPNprecisely about all criticism against him.

Juan Toscano to those who criticize him for
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I don’t care about the truth, my mom is Mexican; my grandfather came from Michoacán, my grandfather looked for a better opportunitylike everyone”said about whom they question that he assumes mexican despite being born in the United States.

They say I’m not Mexican, that I don’t play and that, but I deserve to be here; I worked in Fuerza Regia, in Soles, all my life, I grew up in a Mexican house, they are jealous and it is the truthhe also said, for those people who judge their present without knowing their past.

The possibility of leaving the Warriors is not on his mind for now

Juan Toscano also spoke of the chance to leave Golden State this summer, although all he said was that don’t think about that right now. Besides it’s not something he can control, he prefers to wait for the time to deal with the matter.

I don’t know, I’m going to wait for July 1st and it’s out of my controlI’m not thinking about that, that’s why I came to my house to enjoy my time and clear my mind (…) I feel better, I am happy to be at home, to talk with my people and I am going to enjoy my time here. I am happy, happier because I can raise the name of Mexico high“.

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“They are jealous”: Juan Toscano to those who criticize him for “almost not playing” and “not being Mexican”