The women’s basketball festival is played in La Paz

The Coliseum of the La Paz Tennis Club will host the Confraternity Cup with the presence of the champion and runner-up of the Bolivian Women’s Basketball League. The local representation (Tennis Club), also known as the Lionesses, aim to “remove the thorn” at their headquarters.
It will be a national basketball festival that will again be played in La Paz in a contest of this type. In 2018, the Government Headquarters hosted the female Libobasquet; for this case a similar tournament will be played. This year, the women’s Liboasquet did not have the number of participants to develop. The Bolivian Basketball Federation decided to suspend this contest for next year; however, it maintained a “friendly” tournament for the teams requesting to roll over their players.
This is how the Confraternity Cup was born, a short event that takes place in three venues. Potosí was the first “home” of this national event together with the Villa Imperial team, local in this part.
According to the regulations, this event will award the champion with the best score in accumulation of the matches in the three venues. The participating clubs are Villa Imperial (Potosí), Car AZ (Oruro) and La Paz Tennis Club (La Paz); All of them will be local to their headquarters and will invite a local team, but this will not score. In this beginning of the tournament, the Carl AZ cast obtained three consecutive victories over Villa Imperial, La Paz Tennis Club and a guest team from Potosí (Leones). Now it is La Paz’s turn to be the headquarters, so the CTLP is local with its female cast. The “Lionesses”, as they are called, will seek revenge against a classic rival: Carl AZ, winner of two consecutive titles.
Everything will start today, starting at 8:30 am, with the launch of Kinwa (La Paz guest team) in front of Club de Tenis La Paz; after this set (10:15) it will be played between Villa Imperial and Carl AZ.
Today, at night, it will be played once more, but this time the “Leonas” set will be against Carl AZ, at 17:30; Before that, Villa Imperial and Kinwa will play a match.
On Sunday morning, CTLP will play Villa Imperial and Carl AZ against Kinwa. This will close this phase in La Paz.
“The team is ready, the girls are excited and ready for the rematch. It will be a beautiful championship where the new players will be measured ”, expressed Ernesto Martinet, representative of the CTLP in basketball.
“We want to win the headquarters and define the title in Oruro. Due to Biosafety issues, there are limited places, maximum up to 90 people, just 50 have already confirmed ”, added Martinet. The entrance will cost 20 bolivianos.

They dispute this tournament. It was first played in Potosí; this weekend is La Paz and in two weeks Oruro.


Mariana Villegas, daughter of Eduardo Villegas.

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The women’s basketball festival is played in La Paz