The ten star renewals of the LEB Plata 22/23

Three weeks ago we analyzed the best arrivals, until then, to a LEB Plata in which there will be very interesting names. Today we go to the other side and look for the star renewals at a time when retaining the squads and making the fans know who the players on their team are year after year is often an arduous task.

Next, we point out the five star renewals of each Conference of the LEB Plata 22/23:


Jorge Lafuente (Peñas Huesca). Without a doubt, “Captain America from Huesca” will once again be key. Versatility, work that is not seen, points in the form of cuts, tackles or shots… It seems decisive in a team that has signed six new players so far. A very young squad, with two ex-EBA and four ex-Silver, but without any star category. Everything indicates that Santi Cerdán’s men will seek to grow as a block and, there, Lafuente is key.

Vladi Orlov (Woods Sorlí Benicarló). After a good course, but without a tour in the playoffs, those from Benicarló have changed the squad almost completely, with good names and a clear axis to lean on. The Spanish-Ukrainian will do a lot of damage in the paint: strength, medium distance and resources on both sides of the court of a player who is top in silver paintings.

Jordi Grimau (Sant Antoni Ibiza Feeling). Once again Grimau will repeat his position in the offices and on the track within another interesting project with good renewals, such as Haro and Carreño, who join signings with potential. The foreign veteran will once again be key: few players have his poise and his ability to generate points for the team and for himself.

Diego Alderete (Hestia Menorca). It is strange that nobody in LEB Oro has convinced him, but the islanders were very quick and announced his renewal right away. Javi Zamora’s project, with many ex-students in his ranks, wants to grow with another year of experience. Alderete will continue to his own: defense, rebound, movements without the ball, claw… while he grows in his outside shot. A player to follow and to bet on from now on those who like young people.

Victor Aguilar (FC Cartagena CB). He is left without his partner Samu Rodríguez, heading to LEB Oro (Melilla), but the point guard returns to these lands to dominate with his Canarian rhythm, his low bounce, his passing ability and danger from any distance. A different player, respected in the category and who should be the basis of a project with perhaps too many bets.


Alberto Cabrera (Teknei Bizkaia Zornotza). It seems incredible that the MVP of the LEB Plata Cup last year is still here, that no one in Gold dares to bet on the impudence and imagination of this Canarian point guard, but luck is for those of Larrea, who will once again enjoy the loan of a player who only has to win regularly to be even more top at this level.

Andrew Norris (Queen Yogurt Clavijo CB). The Riojan project will once again be led by Jenaro Díaz and the renewals of Berni García or Balaško, plus those of our protagonist, are of many carats and offer a backbone that joins the signings of already consolidated “gregarious” players. Norris, from the beginning on the squad, must be a differential player. A player who does nothing stood out in Gold and whose quality to make points with his 1 × 1, his shot or the elasticity of him must do a lot of damage.

Didac Cuevas (UBU Tizona). We will have to see how the arrival of Ayoze Alonso affects the ecosystem of Ocampo’s team, but few teams can boast of such a point guard duo. Cuevas was the most outstanding player last season and with the arrivals of Ayoze, Thiam and Cremo, plus the base that remains, he will be one of the teams to beat.

William Mulero (Ponferrada SDP Clinic). Year after year those from Barrio reinvent themselves, get good renewals, bring pearls from EBA or signings like Wilson, but the continuity of Mulero is one of the best news. We are talking about a player who is in the middle of his maturity phase; With a tremendous physique, aggressive in defense and very vertical, he is gaining solidity in the shot from outside. A player who must be fundamental this course.

Miki Ortega (Damex UDEA Algeciras). Change of objective of the team from Algeciras with the important signings made this summer, but once again they will have their reference in their Miki Ortega base. A differential player, one of those who control the games and know how to make the team play as required, catch the ball when it is hot or distribute the game when it is not so fine. With a player like that in your team, everything is easier.

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The ten star renewals of the LEB Plata 22/23