The Pelicans bust the West and start a rivalry with the Suns

Ya there is a rent victory. The New Orleans Pelicans advance steadily in their conquest of the Western Conference. Since the Boston Celtics beat the Phoenix Suns causing the change of command, the ‘Pels’ keep stepping on the accelerator. Two victories for the Arizona team, a firm leadership and a team that grows with its own process that leads to great results. Everything in a league that once provided a conference in which winning less than 50 games was almost equivalent to not entering the Playoffs. New Times.

Some in which Willy Hernangmez is still not important. Only one minute on the court against Phoenix in a season to forget. It is not going to be important and the internal competition leaves him out of the rotation. His future, unfortunately for his interests, will not be linked to a possible NBA champion project. Because the Pelicans are credible, first of all because they believe it themselves.

Zion Williamson, in leader mode

The first is Zion Williamson, the one who was the differential talent after LeBron before the appearance of Víctor Wembanyama. His last six games, all with a victory for the Pelicans, raise the level already high. 33, 30, 25, 29, 35 and 35 points. A domain under the boards, with the ability to go abroad to generate, and with a very high efficiency. His worst game in that streak has a 53% accuracy rate. He is indefensible due to his physique and qualities, and when his physique respects him… He is scared. “He’s busting the surface. He keeps making plays for us. Over and over again,” his coach Willie Green said.

a new rivalry

The ‘phenomenon’ Zion and the explosion of the leading Pelicans also caused a ‘sour’ clash with the Phoenix Suns in what is the birth of a new rivalry in the NBA. The Arizona franchise didn’t like Zion’s ‘360’ dunk with the game over, and they went for the ‘Pels’. A day later they met in a pure Playoff game, which ended in overtime with the victory of the New Orleans team. The Suns lived a scoreless end of the game and that’s where CJ McCollum emerged. “It won’t be a rivalry until we are more competitive in the post-season”, confessed the ‘3’.

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the actual process

Some Pelicans in ‘hurricane’ mode thanks to the achievement of their process. It started with the departure of Anthony Davis to the Lakers. The changes ended up building a competent and competitive squad. Both are important, because it means that they fight against everyone and that they have weapons and variants to do so. Things that in other famous trials, like the Sixers… It’s not real.

On the competitive side, it is a team that adapts to what Willie Green asks of them. And with note. “We have played at a high level against the Suns. They are a disciplined team, well trained and they play hard. We have arguments. And to the guys on the bench they are doing a great job knowing how to come out and play. They give me a not very demonstrative sound,” Green said.

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The Pelicans bust the West and start a rivalry with the Suns