The national wheelchair basketball is successfully held

It was the municipal president of Xochitepec, Roberto Gonzalo Flores Zúñiga, who inaugurated the National Wheelchair Basketball Championship, and since then it was a total success until the end thanks to his great help providing them with total support, Ángel Flores Trujillo, president of the Mexican Federation of Wheelchair Sports.

In the Third Force category, good matches were seen, such as the one in Jalisco, which played the grand final with Puebla, winning the first by 37-31 and thus promoted to the second division, in this tournament eleven state teams participated, and two National Teams: Aguascalientes, Baja California, CDMX, Chiapas, Guerrero, Jalisco, Lobos Jalisco, Puebla, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, and the hosts of the state of Morelos.

The Mexican U-21 men’s and women’s national team participated in the tournament because it serves as a warm-up for the Central American Games in Brazil, which gave good shows to the fans, for its part Morelos was about to beat Chiapas but they were They advanced by a point and we already had time,

The National Wheelchair Basketball Championship of the Third Force category, was endorsed by the FIB, they were seeking promotion to the highest division, and in which there was a fairly strong fight in the scenarios that were allocated in the municipality of Xochitepec , as were the fields of the Cultural Center in which there were a good number of attendees in its surroundings watching the games that were highly disputed, drawing the attention of the community of this town.

In the National Championship, the teacher Edith Zúñiga Madrigal, president of the DIF Xochitepec; Luis Ángel Flores Trujillo, president of the Mexican Federation of Wheelchair Sports; Juan Alberto Magallanes Reyes, representative of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation, Municipal President Roberto Gonzalo Flores Zúñiga, was very excited to continue holding this kind of events.

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The national wheelchair basketball is successfully held