The last goodbye from Zaga Zeravica to Pilar Valero

The pain and tears for Pilar Valero also sprout in Belgrade. There, in the cold Serbian capital, Zaga Zeravica cries inconsolably for the irreparable loss of the best Aragonese player of all time. Through a meaningful and emotional text, the emblematic coach of Banco Zaragoza pays tribute to “Pilarín”an “unforgettable” player with whom she contributed to achieving the greatest milestone in Aragonese basketball: the historic Copa de la Reina in 1990.

This is the full letter that Zaga Zeravica has written:

I am in Belgrade and, unfortunately, I cannot say goodbye to Pilarín, our dearest friend, as a panther, sister and the best Aragonese basketball player.

I took a school team, “the girls”, in which I always saw a lot of desire to work. We started in Salduba, in the Parque Grande, with few resources and a lot of desire.

Pilar, Teresa Seco, Nines Gracia, Ana Simón, the Lahoz sisters, Elena and Silvia, Inés, Ana… Forgive me, girls, it’s been a long time but I love you all.

Naiđe was counting on us. However, we won 19 of the first 19 games in the Segunda. We had to climb two steps to get promoted and against teams that had category.

The girls, with great enthusiasm, ALWAYS led by Pilarín, with her energy (I don’t know where it came from, it was like a toothpick)his animosity, his joy, ALWAYS with jokes and positive.

In the stands I had “my baker, my greengrocer, my hairdresser, my neighbors…” There were always people from her neighborhood, with their parents and brother, cheering us on.

They traveled with us, paying to cheer us on and celebrate with us. This is A FAMILY FOREVER. Not to lengthen, although I could tell anecdotes, I’m just going to say that without Pilar Valero that team, from 1987 to 1991, would never be the same WITHOUT PILAR.

I cry and I am very sad. They are all like my daughters. I love them and will love them as long as I live. When a daughter leaves you, it hurts a lot. Pilarin rests in PEACEmy daughter, friend and sister of all of us who love you.

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The last goodbye from Zaga Zeravica to Pilar Valero