“The food is really good here”: Pop lives his return to Mexico

His characteristic slow walk seems to be surrounded by a halo of light. He enters the floor of the CDMX Arena with black pants and looks around the entire venue; he seems impressed.

As his guys warm up on the court, Gregg Popovich makes some comments with his coaching staff and looks ready to build on his record as the winningest coach in the NBA. He looks in a good mood.

During his talk with the media before the game between the Miami Heat and his San Antonio Spurs, Pop acknowledged his pleasure in coming to play in Mexico City despite how difficult it is to get to the CDMX Arena.

“I’m going to get into trouble in San Antonio,” he answers when asked what he likes most about Mexico. “The food,” she adds. “The food is really good here.”

As usual, Popovich’s answers are brief, he doesn’t give too many details and regardless of the number of questions he is asked, he answers everything in one go; His thing is to speak on the court.

With 10:26 on the clock for the first quarter of the duel in Mexico, he gets up to give some indications. Minutes later the score reads 7-15 in favor of the Heat and then they call their first timeout. After making some adjustments he returns to his place on the bench surrounded by his coaching staff.

By the end of the first quarter, San Antonio has cut the distance to 16-20, but that doesn’t mean it looks calm and every time there is a shot from the free throw line in favor of his team, he takes the opportunity to call one or two of his boys and fine-tune. details always standing. The result, an unanswered 12-point rally by the Heat that puts them up 24-20 with 1:25 left.

The players capture the eyes of those attending the court, some boos are heard to Jeremy Sochan when he goes to the free line and applause every time tyler herro try a triple. The fans probably give little importance to having one of the greatest legends in the NBA in front of them.

His ‘turn in the ‘office’ is far from over and although the lead still goes to his team, Pop remains on his feet forcefully demanding the judges and asking his boys to calm down at the same time that he maintains it because His years have shown him that in this game you have to learn to win and lose.

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“The food is really good here”: Pop lives his return to Mexico