“The club costs money for basketball, but it has never ceased to be economically organized”

Fernando Stagnari leads the 1918 list, under the ideals of Don Albérico Passadore, seeking re-election as president of Olimpia. In the pre-election tomorrow, he chatted with Total Basketball.

The official list prepares the electoral act with the support of the present administration: “I always say that we have years at the club where everyone can judge what we did and our way of being. The directors have bet from the sporting point of view to the best, we have in the training of all the disciplines of the club outstanding coaches at the national level. We are part of national teams, the most recent is Nicole Frank at the Olympic Games in swimming ”.

Stagnari made the leadership group’s position clear: “It is a behavior that we adopt, we could target the social and ignore the competition. But I believe that the institutions must compete in the best possible way. It happens to us with basketball that with the economic limitations that we have, we try to have the best. We bet on Jauri and he is not in dispute. And an excellent coach such as he is able to achieve that with a limited budget we have achieved the good performances we had in recent years ”.

He explained the institutional support for basketball: “In 2018 we were told that we had to go for the championship within the framework of 100 years, the truth is that we are realistic and we cannot. The club collaborates with basketball, but it is only a good help. It is obvious that it is a sport that requires special help because it is professional and the rest are amateurs. Personally, I have been in charge of Olimpia basketball since 2000 and in conversations with all the treasurers that have passed, we have seen that it costs the club some money but it has never stopped being economically organized ”.

About the moment that is happening, he said: “This huge pandemic caught us but there was a strong, healthy club, with a response despite the huge loss of members we had. They will always find us towards that place. Looking for the best for the partners. Incredibly, in the middle of the pandemic, we did some works, the team that we integrate aims to maintain values, discipline, sports at the top and continue doing things that are programmed to do. We had a very good bet with a new pool and gym, it was due to the law of mesenazgo and it was complicated with the companies that were going to bet. But we have everything planned and budgeted to do it, at some point we are going to take that step, regardless of the works that we are continuously doing as the institution requires ”.

Beyond the negative, the pandemic allowed some progress: “We have greatly modernized the income to the club, the pandemic made us develop an app and every time a member enters they are registered and we know what activity they are doing. Is very useful”.

To close, he reflected: “We don’t have many surprises, many of us have been here for eight years. We have been adding people to work. Olimpia is not a gym, it is a great club. The partners are the owners and we do not necessarily have to be on the board to contribute, provide ideas and collaborate. It seems important to me to be a partner throughout the year and not just be a person who comes to do physical activity ”.