The 2021 Plan and a new test – DiarioSports – San Francisco

There are 12 games, two “long” trips and the first objective: to get into Super 8. The format of the Argentine League, renewed, that San Isidro already has in his hands.

The Club Association announced how the Argentina League 2021/2022 will be played with 30 teams, divided into 15 sets for each Conference and in turn 8 “mini zones” which are the ones that will start the official competition from October 15.

San Isidro, in the Northern Conference, is part of Group D together with Libertad de Sunchales, Echagüe de Paraná and Colón de Santa Fe, important rivals but with short distances to travel. Each of them will face each other twice in the First Phase, all against all in round-trip matches.

But that instance does not end there, Group D will have to face C under the same modality, back and forth. There the Red Hawks will have to travel a few more kilometers, having to visit Independiente in Santiago del Estero, Villa San Martín in Resistencia and Central Argentino Olímpico in Ceres.

In total he will play 12 games, 6 in the “Severo Robledo” and 6 in the “route”. The first of each of the “mini zones” will qualify for Super 8, which usually awards half a place for the South American League (the other half is for the League champion).

Although the Super 8 award is an incentive, add the highest number of points to enter the Second Phase, called the Regular Phase in which the 15 teams from each Conference will meet as usual in the divisional. In that instance, San Isidro will complete a total of 28 games, which are estimated to conclude in mid-March, and then move on to the Playoffs stage.

Friendlies at Armstrong

It will be the third for San Isidro in full preseason. Daniel Beltramo’s team started last Sunday the fourth week of intense work and tonight, from 9:30 p.m. in the city of Armstrong, Santa Fe, they will face Deportivo Norte as they did last Thursday at El Nido.

The “saint” will continue without José Montero and Milton Vittar due to injury. Although both have already increased their participation in training, they will not be required in “friendlies” for the moment.