Summary of the Milwaukee Bucks 120-119 Brooklyn Nets in NBA 2022 | 04/02/2022

20:18 5 days ago

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20:17 5 days ago

end of overtime

The game ends, a tremendous victory for the Bucks by one point, Giannis Antetokounmpo ends the game with 44 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists.

20:08 5 days ago

01:00 of extra time

Last minute of extra time, the Bucks win it by 3 points

20:05 5 days ago

02:00 extra time

The champions take advantage in extra time with 2 minutes remaining, tremendous work by Giannis

20:02 5 days ago

04:00 extra time

The Bucks are ahead in the first minutes

20:01 5 days ago

05:00 extra time

Extra time begins, the game ended tied at 110 points between the Bucks and the Nets

19:58 5 days ago

Game over

The match ends at the Barclays Center tied at 110 points, we will have extra time in Brooklyn

19:50 5 days ago

02:00 of the last quarter

Last minutes of the match that has been played at a high level, won by 7 the local team that will look for a great victory

19:37 5 days ago

04:00 of the last quarter

Khris Middleton ejected for committing a flagrant foul on Brown, the Bucks row against the current

19:28 5 days ago

06:00 last quarter

Bucks 19 turnovers to Nets 14, a lot of turnovers from the two teams that haven’t been so fine in that regard

19:22 5 days ago

08:00 last quarter

The Bucks take a small advantage and force Nash to look for modifications

19:19 5 days ago

10:00 last quarter

The game is tied and anything can happen at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn

19:15 5 days ago

12:00 last quarter

The last quarter of the match begins, the champions manage to take the lead for the first time since the first quarter

19:11 5 days ago

end of third quarter

The third quarter ends, the Bucks’ comeback is real and they turn the score around to go into the last quarter with an advantage

19:06 5 days ago

02:00 of the third quarter

The Bucks have 12 turnovers and that is causing them to not be able to tie the score despite Giannis’ effort

19:01 5 days ago

04:00 of the third quarter

Giannis is unstoppable when he enters with speed, the Greece train takes advantage of the Nets’ defense to continue scoring points

18:57 5 days ago

06:00 of the third quarter

After Brown, the second scorer is Kyrie Irving with 15 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

18:50 5 days ago

08:00 of the third quarter

Bruce Brown is the leading scorer for the Nets with 12 points so far.

18:47 5 days ago

10:00 third quarter

The 4 point difference remains in the match.

18:43 5 days ago

12:00 third quarter

Actions resume in Brooklyn, locals win by 4 points

18:27 5 days ago

end of second quarter

The first half ends at the Barclays Center, the hosts win it at halftime, but the game is open

18:25 5 days ago

02:00 second quarter

Last 2 minutes of the half and the determining player of the night is Giannis Antetokounmpo with 18 points so far.

18:18 5 days ago

04:00 second quarter

The Bucks again cut the distance and cause the Nets to only score 2 points in the last 2 minutes on defense

18:11 5 days ago

06:00 second quarter

Kevin Durant appears and begins to show his magic on the court, they get an 11-point lead over the Bucks

18:07 5 days ago

08:00 second quarter

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the top scorer so far with 13 points

18:03 5 days ago

10:00 second quarter

The Nets keep the distance on the scoreboard and continue to win the game in this second quarter

18:00 5 days ago

12:00 second quarter

Actions resume, with a great closing of the fourth the Nets win

17:56 5 days ago

end of first quarter

The first 12 minutes of a closely contested game at the Barclays Center end, the Nets win by 7

17:49 5 days ago

04:00 of the first quarter

The visit is indefensible when the ball reaches Giannis, the Greek makes the difference but Middleton is having a great game

17:46 5 days ago

06:00 of the first quarter

The game is tied, the Bucks using the inside game to make a difference in the game

17:38 5 days ago

08:00 of the first quarter

The Nets machinery begins to show its level on the court of the Barclays Center

17:35 5 days ago

10:00 first quarter

First two minutes and neither team managed to score any points

17:33 5 days ago

12:00 first quarter

The game begins in Brooklyn, the faces of the Bucks against the Nets are seen

17:15 5 days ago

All set in Brooklyn

17:10 5 days ago

The Nets are already in their arena

17:00 5 days ago

Players out or in doubt for the match

16:55 5 days ago

tonight’s games

76ers vs. Pistons, Cavaliers vs. Hawks, Bucks vs. Nets, Clippers vs. Bulls, Lakers vs. Jazz.

16:50 5 days ago

The venue tonight

Tonight’s game will be played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, which was opened in 2012 and has a capacity for 17,732 spectators for basketball, but the New York Islanders also played in that arena until 2021.

16:45 5 days ago

Assist Leaders

Kevin Durant is once again the best in a department and it is in assists with 6.1 per game, while Holiday is the visitor with an average of 6.8.

16:40 5 days ago

The bounces tonight

16:35 5 days ago

The best scorers of each squad

For the Nets, the team’s best scorer is Kevin Durant with an average of 29.7 points in each game, while for the Bucks the leader is Giannis Antetokounmpo with 29.9 units per game.

16:30 5 days ago

Irving returned to play at home

16:25 5 days ago

Don’t leave here to follow Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets live.

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Where and how to watch Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets

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Watch out for this Milwaukee Bucks player

16:10 5 days ago

Watch out for this Brooklyn Nets player

16:05 5 days ago

Last quintet of the Milwaukee Bucks

22 Khris Middleton, 34 Giannis Antetokounmpo, 11 Brook Lopez, 21 Jrue Holiday, 23 Wesley Matthews.

16:00 5 days ago

Brooklyn Nets last quintet

7 Kevin Durant, 1 Bruce Brown Jr, 0 Andre Drummond, 11 Kyrie Irving, 30 Seth Curry.

15:55 5 days ago

The fight for the postseason is burning on the east court

The Eastern Conference begins to show its candidates to stay in the direct qualifying positions for the play-offs, while the play-in will have to be played by Atlanta, Charlotte, Brooklyn and Cleveland.

15:50 5 days ago

Brooklyn Nets, with problems at the end of the season

The Nets were in the top places in the conference before the all-star game, however, injuries, player changes and low level, caused them to fall in the classification and struggle to advance directly to the postseason.

15:45 5 days ago

The Champions are at their best of the season

After having complications at the start of the season, the NBA monarchs managed to recover their level in the second half of the season and now they are fighting to be the first in their conference.

15:40 5 days ago

Match of contrasts in the eastern conference

What should be a confrontation between two teams that were going to be contenders for the first place in the conference, has been marked by the debacle of the Nets in the second part of the season, as the locals are eighth with 40 wins and 36 losses, while the Bucks are second with 47 wins and 28 losses.

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Summary of the Milwaukee Bucks 120-119 Brooklyn Nets in NBA 2022 | 04/02/2022