San Juan women’s basketball works to improve at Binationals

The province’s women’s basketball has been working for a month and a half, in order to arrive with a well-coordinated team to the Binational Games to be played in the province of San Luis, between November 23 and 29. In the case of the girls, the Alberdi stadium has already been designated as the venue for the matches, in the city of Villa Mercedes, 92 km from the capital city.

Juan Pablo Olivares is the girls’ coach, accompanied by Natalia Dominguez, who is in charge of physical preparation. Training began at the beginning of July, with a very large roster of thirty players, of which twelve must remain to make up the team that will compete.

The players make up different teams from Capital, Jáchal, Valle Fértil, Caucete and 25 de Mayo. Practices are usually held on Saturdays, in the morning hours (9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.), at the Sporting Club Estrella and when the occasion allows it, hours of work are added, as happened last long weekend, when they worked Saturday in double shift and Sunday morning. There have also been -on some occasions- the facilities of the Club Ausonia for some practices.

Leaving behind the inconveniences caused by the pandemic and the quarantine that prevented them from having competition in their teams, the team is very enthusiastic, willing to participate, counting on the important performance of Natalia Domínguez, who works on the physical conditioning of the girls.

Regarding the cut that must be made to leave the final squad, Olivares considers that there is still time ahead and the idea is to do it gradually, as training progresses and that the performance of the basketball players can be better observed. The idea is that as the squad is reduced, it can begin with the dispute of friendly matches. Another detail that is considered positive is that the local tournament is about to begin and that will allow the shortlisted women to have double activity: in their clubs and in the Binational team.

They integrate the preselection: Rocío Marín Flores, Ana Paula Suárez, Ruth Vega, Morena Ortiz, Guadalupe Vega, Martina Mansur, Milagros Páez Castro, Malena Ciares Araya, Candela Montaño Haro, Evelyn Levis, Paula Gaitán, Gala Aguirre Ruíz, Guadalupe Cortez, Nicole Vicentela, Clara Manrique, Lara Turcumán, María Victoria Gutiérrez, Luna Riveros, Paz Balmaceda Quiroga, Alicia Caballero Flores, Ludmila Flores, Mariana Usair, María Ramos Ruarte, Ariana Ramos Ruarte, Luisina Rivero Romero, Guadalupe Burgoa, Johanna Tarabay, Jazmín Núñez Perez, Luz Quintero , Priscila Bruna, Mía Valenzuela, Sofía Rubiño.