Positive final balance of the Judo, Handball and Basketball Federations

Sanjuanina Judo Federation

During 2021, three judo competitions were held in San Juan. The first was held in March, being the first competition on the national judo calendar. The second took place in August and the third and last competition of the provincial calendar of this discipline in San Juan, took place in September.

Judocas from San Juan participated in three interprovincial competitions: in Mendoza, in August in Guaymallen; then in October in Godoy Cruz; and in November at the Andes Talleres club. They were also part of the national judo championship in Carlos Paz, Córdoba, from November 19 to 21, which was held for youth categories and black belts, where San Juan obtained four gold medals, a silver medal and a bronze medal, I remain positioned in the ninth position at the national level among the 23 federations, with a very good performance from San Juan.

In the current year, many young judokas recovered, who remained away throughout 2020, due to health measures due to Covid 19. On November 24, the assembly was held with a view to 2021, in which there were elections, where it was reelected the current President of the Federation, Luis Francisco Meritello.

To culminate the calendar of activities of the Judo Federation on November 27, an examination was carried out on all the judocas who wanted to change belts, to advance in their rankings where 100 competitors surrendered.

Sanjuanina Handball Federation

Throughout the year 2021, activity in our province has been very intense at the federal level. San Juan was able to organize a national tournament for cadets under 16, in category C, in which he could not obtain any promotion, but was able to keep 4 places in the category.

In the Argentine sub-14 handball team, which was held in Valle De Uco, with a great performance from the male branch, achieving promotion to category A, after finishing in fourth position, integrating the Elite of the national handball. On the other hand, in the female branch it was possible to maintain the place in category B at the Argentine level.

The positive point of the current year for the federation, it was possible to recover the number of players who left last year, due to the health problem that the coronavirus implied. Currently, the balance of all the provincial handball categories was carried out, counting 850 players among the 11 San Juan clubs with all their categories.

Sanjuanina Basketball Federation

The balance of the federation was extremely positive after having spent a year with so many limitations, as it was in 2020. Many young people resumed activity during the 2021 calendar.

Regarding the sporting achievements of the Basketball Federation, the performance of Jáchal Basketball Club stands out, achieving promotion to the Argentine League for sporting merits, reaching the second most important category in the entire country. In which he currently disputes the national tournament touring our country.

Another extremely positive achievement for the province of San Juan and for the San Juan Basketball Federation was the runner-up of the San Juan men’s basketball team in the Binational San Luis 2021, adding its second consecutive final in binationals.

On the side of the female branch, there was a great growth in this branch, increasing the number of competitions and teams that join the provincial and national tournaments, focusing their preparation for what will be the 2022 season.

The projection of the San Juan basketball federation is to begin the official 2022 season on February 15, in both branches, always seeking the best development of the competitions and continuing with all the federation’s projects, and always counting on the outstanding support of the Government of San Juan, through the Secretary of State for Sports.


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Positive final balance of the Judo, Handball and Basketball Federations