Parents’ outrage at the attitude of Mayor Lima in granting a new company the transfer of students | Daily Change

By Andrés Torterola.
Verónica López is the mother of students who travel on the San Cono line from Pueblo Fernández to Masoller to attend high school. López said that in the last hours they found themselves in a context that makes them think that the authorities do not care about young people at all. The controversial situation revolves around the fact that the winner of the San Cono bus line, which takes students to Masoller high school for free on Mondays and Fridays so that the boys do not arrive late, also brings students who are making a career to To be able to have a better future, these in turn are combined with the bus that goes to Rivera, “that same bus takes our children to the Student Home on rainy days and it also transfers 30 young farmers when they need to make their way.”
“For allegedly political reasons, -because apparently it is not more than that-, said López, (attached resolution signed by Mayor Andrés Lima), the Mayor of Salto Andrés Lima imposes a bus with capacity for 9 or 11 people, to make the tour from Sarandí de Arapey to Masoller.
In a resolution of October 7, the mayor resolved to inform the San Cono Company, whose owner is Andrés Conde, that as of October 12, the student transfer service from Sarandí de Arapey to the Liceo de Masoller will be carried out by Eduardo Fagúndez .
The reason according to the resolution is that in 2017 the San Cono company was granted permission to transfer students in various locations, among which is Sarandí de Arapey-Masoller, the permit expired on 12-31-2017, being automatically renewed for semi-annual periods until the end of the previous government and that the permit is currently expired ”.
Mrs. Verónica López wondered if this situation is coherent and if young students would not be harmed. He also affirmed that many parents disagree, not only because of the good relationship with Conde but also they fear for safety since the San Cono Company transmitted them tranquility.
López warned the authorities that they will be demanding a coherent response, and went further, when he affirmed that if there are no sensible explanations, they will know how to knock on other doors.
For his part Andrés Conde reported through his Facebook account that Mayor Andrés Lima in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Mataojo and at the request of the latter, resolved to grant another person the route from Sarandí to Masoller.
He apologized and regretted that the students have to return to travel by bus line, missing classes on Monday and Friday ”.