Pacers “miss” Chris Duarte’s athleticism due to shoulder injury

With the Dominican absent due to discomfort in the last two games, the Indiana team has not been able to overcome two important rivals in the Eastern Conference

At the moment there are no news in the physical state Chris Duarte although the leader Rick carlisle He declared that he considers that the Dominican is feeling better little by little.

The Indiana Pacers rookie has been out in the team’s last two games with a sore right shoulder, both resulting in losses.

The two rivals are key: One like the New York Knicks, a team they will surely face in search of a ticket to the postseason, and the other the Detroit Pistons, one of the worst teams in the league, one of those rivals to which they necessarily have to win, of those games that have to be won, to stay in the fight.

Despite the decrease in minutes in the last games prior to his injury, the Dominican had been key in the most positive stretch of the season, as evidenced by the words of his coach.

“He is a good player in general. Very good defense against the ball, he is a guy who can score, create his own shot and has speed and athleticism. He’s one of our best athletes and we’re going to miss all of those things while he’s away.”Carlisle said after Monday’s loss to the New York Knicks.

The important thing for Duarte and the Pacers is that he can recover 100% because the season is long and it is just beginning. We have already seen him on a couple of occasions have to leave the court, directly to the locker room, due to blows to the knee and ankle. His shoulder had not been mentioned until the time it was reported that he would miss his first game.

But that’s Duarte’s way of playing. Fearless and aggressive. The Pacers and Carlisle hope that he continues to recover, returning as soon as possible, and if not they will have to find a way to play as they were doing in the last games without the Dominican.


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Pacers “miss” Chris Duarte’s athleticism due to shoulder injury