“Our advantage is that we have two quintets”

Rogelio de León entered notably in the victory of Athens over Marne to get into the DTA Quarterfinals. After the match, the intern spoke to BT.

The Athenian did not have an easy start, but ended up opening the advantage: “They made it quite difficult for us with the starting zone, we weren’t very good with the shooting percentage from three, perhaps we abused it a bit because they left us quite alone outside. I think that as we did many times throughout the championship, we were able to take advantage with the rotation, which is our great plus in this championship. We can all play and that has been one of our main weapons throughout the tournament”.

Against Marne, Rogelio finished with 100% field effectiveness: “My shots are always close to the basket, although they can miss, it allows me to have a good effectiveness. Thanks to the quality of my teammates, even though they defended an area to be closed, I found several holes down there and I was able to take advantage of that”.

With so many good players in the squad, Athens can have no other goal.: “I didn’t follow the previous editions of the DTA that much, but I think that usually the quintets are quite good, there are good players. Our advantage is there, we have two quintets. Undoubtedly for this reason, our objective from the beginning is promotion”.

Asked about the strange situation that Athens experienced on the last date against Yale, he preferred not to make any assessment in this regard, although he clarified that it was a decision of the club’s board of directors.

The next thing will be against Auriblanco for the Quarterfinals: “They have a very good team. We have to do our job well, our advantage will be in the depth of the squad, we have to wear them down from the start as we have been doing. Many games have been giving us a very good game until the second quarter and from the third you can see the wear and tear we cause and we can find better spaces and run the field”.

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“Our advantage is that we have two quintets”