No undefeated or recess

By the closing of the fifth date of the Uruguayan Basketball League, Urunday Universitario and Urupan faced each other. The former came from falling at the Palace against Peñarol, while the latter, in their last presentation, had defeated Malvín at the Juan Francisco Canil. The dentist Héctor Da Prá presented a quintet made up of Germán Silvarrey, Facundo Medina, Agustín Da Costa and the Jackson brothers, Justin and Corbin. For their part, those commanded by the lawyer Esteban Yaquinta jumped onto the field with Mateo Sarni, Martín Trelles, Brandon Boggs, Hernando Cáceres and Zygimantas Riauka. The arbitration list was made up of Adrián Vázquez, Vivian García and Andrés Haller.

The match played at the Osvaldo Dohir gymnasium presented a quite entertaining start, in which both teams exchanged attack for attack, taking advantage of the little defensive activity. The local team hurt with cuts to the rim by Justin Jackson and Facundo Medina, while the visiting cast charged into the paint through the Lithuanian Zygimantas Riauka. With a pair of consecutive triples in the hands of Agustín Da Costa, the merged man managed to open an eight-point lead (19-11). From the hand of an inspired Martín Trelles, well accompanied by Hernando Cáceres, it was quickly neutralized by the Pandense, who responded immediately with a 9-0 to go ahead in the score. At the start of the second quarter, the Prado team found the outside goal again, adding both Ignacio Morena and Andrés Dotti from the substitute bench. The team that arrived undefeated had problems when defending, while on the other side it depended in excess of what Antonio Bivins could generate with his one on one. When it seemed that the visit was once again in the game, the figure of Medina from Salta appeared in all its splendor. Number 31 had a dream first half, with his wrist literally on fire, scoring 15 points in the opening stage.

At the beginning of the second half, the owner of the house was at the forefront in the electronic in figures from 47 to 33. In the first bars of the complement, a very open procedure could be observed. Those on Avenida Joaquín Suárez continued to have a tremendous effectiveness from beyond 6.75 meters. On the other hand, those of Pando did damage in the painted area, with the shot in the head of the Cáceres key and the posts in the base of Riauka. That type of game clearly favored the host, who could handle the difference he had made in the first half without any problem. At the beginning of the last period, the scholar had in his favor an income of 14 points (71-57). As expected, those led by Esteban Yaquinta were going to throw all the meat on the spit, trying to specify a reaction. With the Mateo, Suárez and Sarni as standard bearers, the green dresses placed a resounding 21-6 partial to match the actions. In the last minutes of the game you could tell that both teams were nervous, therefore, whoever made the fewest mistakes was going to win the point. Within this panorama, those led by Héctor Da Prá were more solid and with a good effectiveness in free practice they ended up taking the victory by 88 to 86, thus reaching their third triumph in the tournament.

The winner was the performance of Facundo Medina, who contributed 24 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, seconded by Justin Jackson with 16 points. On the loser’s side, Hernando Cáceres made 21 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.

The next commitment of the studious cast will be before Aguada as a local. While the Pandense team will have to face Club Atlético Peñarol at home.

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No undefeated or recess