NBA adds 4 referees, including 2 women

The list of NBA referees continues to grow.

Sheryl Flores Y dannica mosher they were promoted to full-time officers, the NBA said last Thursday. The NBA now has eight women at the full-time referee level, the most the league has ever accomplished at one time.

Flores and Mosher received promotions from the G League level, as did a couple of other new hires — matt kalliowho becomes the first full-time international referee in the NBA, and Robert Hussey.

“Cheryl, Robert, Matt and Dannica have demonstrated the ability and professionalism necessary to be a full-time responsible NBA official,” he said. Monty McCutchen, senior vice president of the NBA, who oversees referee development and training. “We are excited for them to reach this milestone in their careers.”

Flores and Mosher join Lauren Holtkamp-Sterling, Simone Gilke, Ashley Moyer-Gleich, natalie sago, Jenna Schroeder Y Danielle Scott as women at the NBA full-time referee level. Ten women have held this position in league history, and the current eight join violet palmer Y Dee Kantner on that list.

Twelve women — a record — worked games last season in the NBA, with some being called up from the G League and as non-staff members to help out when the league’s referee roster was eliminated due to COVID-19. 19. The current group of eight full-time referees all made matches, as did Clare Aubri, Sha’Rae Mitchell, White Burns Y Jenna Reneau.

Flores has spent nine seasons in the G League and 10 in the WNBA, and is also an accomplished women’s college basketball referee with two Final Fours on her resume. Mosher has four seasons of experience as a referee in the G League, five seasons in the WNBA and worked in both the G League Finals and the WNBA Finals last season.

Hussey worked five seasons in the G League and two in the WNBA. Kallio, a native of Edmonton, Alberta, has seven years of experience in the G League and five years in the WNBA and has participated in the Tokyo Olympics.

“We’re looking for the best referees,” McCutchen said.

Adding women to officiating jobs has been a priority for McCutchen and other NBA executives, including commissioner Adam Silver. McCutchen has always said the NBA will hire the best people to fill the job, regardless of gender.

“It’s fantastic,” McCutchen said, “and that’s how our society should be. The NBA strongly believes that this should be a merit system. And that is exactly what a true meritocracy looks like.”

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NBA adds 4 referees, including 2 women