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At her young age she is already the U-10 and U-11 champion. She recently obtained the title of National Online Expert and will participate with the selection in the World Olympiad

The young Bolivian chess prodigy Isabela Kilibarda, 10 years old and represented by the Blitz Club, began to show her skills in science sport since her past administration and is currently consecrated in her category by becoming the U-10 and U-11 champion , in addition to obtaining the title of National Online Expert, achievements that helped her to be part of the selection that will participate in the World Olympiad.

Despite her young age, the little girl from Tarija has already made herself known at the Bolivian level and abroad for all that she achieved.
Apart from being the national champion in two categories, she also won the Bolivian U-6 title a few years ago and in 2020, against all odds, she was consecrated in the National Women’s U-17 with only 9 years.

To all this is added being a National Online Expert, a title awarded by the Bolivian Chess Federation.

“I am very happy and happy to get my title, as well as being a national champion,” said Kilibarda.

To obtain this recognition he had to exceed 1,900 Elo FIDE points (mathematical method, based on statistical calculation, to compute the ability of the players) and he did so when he reached 1,963.

“It is a source of pride and happiness that she is standing out quickly at such a young age. What he does is tremendous, he surprises us with the development he has in the sports field ”, said the National Master (MN) and representative of the Blitz Club, Kevin Celis.

The youngest

With her 10 years old, Kilibarda is the youngest of the 12 selected that will represent the country in the World Olympiad from this Friday to Sunday.

“It will be my first Olympiad. My goal is to give my best, ”said the young prodigy, who will have as companions the best in the country, including Grand Master (GM) Osvaldo Zambrana.

At the Olympiad you will have the opportunity to face chess players from nine other nations that are part of Group D in Division 3.

It is also classified to participate in the Pan American Youth Festival that will take place from September 4 to 10.

By showing great potential, she is a firm candidate to reach the main titles in the world and she knows this very well: “I want to be the first female Grand Master of Bolivia.”

To do this, she must first achieve the titles of National Teacher, Teacher Candidate, Fide Teacher, and International Teacher.