Municipality of Canelones will present support for the selection of wheelchair basketball

The mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, will present this Wednesday at the Empalme Olmos Sports Center the support of the departmental government for the Uruguayan wheelchair basketball team.

The blue team will play the South American of the category in Argentina in December. The action is part of the Adapted and Inclusive Sports Program carried out by the city hall.

As part of the program, and in support of the National Team, Mayor Orsi will deliver a professional wheelchair for basketball practice. In addition, a dozen chairs will be manufactured in Canelones that will be distributed among the different sports centers that are in the department.

The chair will be given to one of the National Team players, a native of the town of Pando, who performs an important social task as a coach for people with disabilities.

The Head of the Disability Area of ​​the City Hall, Federico Lezama, told Montevideo Portal that there is “a base of infrastructure and proposals that contemplate people with disabilities in various facilities have been built.”

“Work is being done to fill those spaces with people and activities. Wheelchair basketball is one of the sports that has more development in what is the Paralympic sport and has been developing an important line of work, “he said.

The event will take place from 6:00 p.m. at the Sports Center located on Luis A. De Herrera street, between Lavalleja and Deolinda Rodríguez (Empalme Olmos). On the occasion, the Uruguayan Wheelchair Basketball Team will hold an exhibition match.

Lezama said that “there are several adapted disciplines that the Canelones Administration carries out for free and with specialized teachers in the different sports centers of the department.”

For example, the De Rueda project is a proposal for education and physical activity aimed at people with disabilities, wheelchair users and / or people with reduced mobility. It takes place in the sports centers of Las Piedras and Paso Carrasco. Along these lines, at the Empalme Olmos sports center you can practice basketball, tennis and handball in a wheelchair.

In the case of athletics and wheelchair races, the Municipality will implement them when it has the necessary equipment, the track already has accessible restrooms and ramps. By having accessible infrastructure, the Municipality has found another way to promote adapted sports, lending its facilities for the development of activities such as football and wheelchair rugby to teams that already have a squad. Other disciplines, such as the project There goes the boccia, are developed in Canelones.

“The sport of boccia can be practiced by people with severe disabilities and is currently practiced in Las Piedras and San Luis; soon it will be extended to other locations ”, explained Lezama.

Finally, football for people with Down Syndrome is practiced in various locations in the department and is a project in which the Canarian city government plans to deepen.

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Municipality of Canelones will present support for the selection of wheelchair basketball