McFadden gives victory to UCAM against Valencia Basket (74-75)

A UCAM Murcia CB with much more packaging and consistency than in his last games has achieved its second win in the Endesa League by beating Valencia Basket in a heart-stopping final (74-75). The university team managed to reduce the deficit by nine points in the last quarter and with eight seconds to go a triple by Thad McFadden allowed him to storm the Fonteta and achieve their second victory in their second game as a visitor this season in the Endesa League.

McFaddenwith 11 points in his locker, put the finishing touch to a match in which UCAM he knew how to suffer and was much more compact than in the previous sessions. those of Alonso Site They knew how to manage the blows in the final stretch, recover from mistakes and take Valencia Basket to the limit, which was not comfortable at any time despite having several advantages on the scoreboard. One of the keys to victory was also the performance of the pivot Artem Pustovyi. The Ukrainian, with 16 points and 5 reboundswas the reference in the paint for the university students on a key day against two players like Jasiel Rivero (26 points) and Boja Dubljevic (6 points).

The forward debuted at UCAM niels giffey, the last addition to the Murcian team to make up for James Anderson’s absence due to injury, who scored 4 points and spent 21 minutes on the court. With no Basketball Champions League game on the schedule this week, UCAM’s next game It will be on Saturday 22 at the Palace against BAXI Manresa (6:00 p.m.).

First quarter

The UCAM started without news in their quintet, but in their game. The university team started with a successful and fluid attack, which allowed them to obtain a partial start of 0-5 at La Fonteta. Sito Alonso initially opted for Trice, Davis, Rojas, Luther and Pustovyi, and the Murcian team knew how to control Valencia Basket in the early stages. The first duels between Pustovyi and Dubljevic were for the Ukrainian center (3-10), although it is true that UCAM suffered in the outside defense against center taronja. Even so, the Murcian team was much more involved than in previous games, and controlled their advantage with a three-pointer from Trice on the counterattack (12-19). However, from then on, Valencia Basket signed a 5-0 run that brought them a little closer on the scoreboard. McFadden, with UCAM’s third three-pointer converted from three attempts, gave his team a little more oxygen and MumbrΓΊ had to stop the first quarter with time out, which ended up being won by the Murcian team (22-26).

Second bedroom

Giffey showed his good hand at the beginning of the second quarter with his first basket as a college player and immediately after he also converted an offensive rebound (24-30). However, Valencia Basket, with Jasiel Rivero as a reference, managed to turn the score around linking good actions at both ends of the court and Sito Alonso had to stop it (31-33). Radovic and Pustovyi continued to score for a UCAM team that began to suffer a little more defensively against the Taronja team four minutes before the break after a shot by LΓ³pez-Arostegui (38-36). The Ukrainian center, the Murcian team’s top scorer in the first half, managed to tie the match, although UCAM suffered inside when Valencia Basket played in the paint. With a minute and a half to go before the break, the pace of the game continued to be frantic, and UCAM was still close on the scoreboard. However, the last plays of this period gave Valencia Basket an advantage after errors in attack by the Murcia team (45-40).

Third quarter

Van Rossom started the second half failing the technique that the referees pointed out about Sito Alonso in the last play of the second quarter. So a basket by Davis and a triple by Trice tied the match again for UCAM Murcia (45-45). The Murcian team increased their intensity in defense one more point and that allowed them to dominate the scoreboard again after their success from the free throw and the partial 2-9 in the first four minutes (47-49). However, when Sito Alonso’s men looked better, Jasiel Rivero, very liberated during the match, got his third triple to make it 53-50. The Taronja midfielder did a lot of damage to the university defense and always prevented any type of reaction from his rival with 23 points with two minutes remaining in this quarter (57-54). In this final stretch, the script of the game was twisted a little more for the university team as they had Sakho and Davis with four fouls and Valencia Basket faced the last ten minutes ahead (60-55).

Last room

UCAM faced the decisive stage in a good position, but they needed to have gasoline to give them the blow that would give them victory at La Fonteta (64-58). Sito Alonso’s men were able to put Valencia Basket in trouble in these first few minutes, however, the Taronja team managed to score despite the difficulties. A post by Pustovyi allowed UCAM to get closer to the scoreboard, which with seven minutes to go was 67-60. A basket by Van Rossom after a baseline kick increased the distance to nine points, although Pustovyi quickly neutralized it (69-62). UCAM was still involved in the game, but could not afford to fail too much in attack. Errors appeared, although two consecutive 3-pointers by Travis Trice turned the game around in a matter of seconds. The point guard tied the match (69-69) and had an additional free throw that put UCAM Murcia ahead with 3:40 to go. That spark gave Sito Alonso’s men the necessary faith to face the final stretch, although Puerto gave Valencia Basket the alternative (72-70). Pustoyvi held on with four fouls on the court, while Radovic returned the tie. With 1:36 remaining, Jones put the taronja team ahead again and Sito Alonso requested time out. Each ball burned and everything was decided in the last attacks. A triple by McFadden was repelled by the hoop and Valencia Basket lost the ball in their possession. The escort didn’t do it the first time, but he did the second time. McFadden unleashed the madness with eight seconds to go and put UCAM Murcia ahead (74-75). The team knew how to manage those seconds perfectly. He exhausted the free kick with Bellas and Pustovyi tapped Valencia Basket’s attack away from the area to give UCAM the win (74-75).

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McFadden gives victory to UCAM against Valencia Basket (74-75)