Luis Scola: “We don’t have to validate anything in Tokyo” | The captain of the basketball team, days before his debut against Slovenia

Luis Scola We dont have to validate anything in Tokyo

Luis Scola, captain of the basketball team, affirmed this Thursday that they do not have “nothing” to revalidate at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, in which They will debut on Monday against Slovenia, after the 2019 world runner-up in China.

“In my vision we do not have to revalidate what was done two years ago in China. We must achieve the best preparation and get as close as possible to our ceiling. That is going to take us to a place, better or worse than in China, I don’t know, “said the Olympic champion.

“But we don’t have to look for a result, internally our dynamics is to finish completing the best preliminary and try to play the best that we can and then live with the result that we touch. But the good thing that our commitment is the highest we can have, “he explained in a note with the website of the Argentine Basketball Confederation (CAB).

Scola, with a current contract with Varese from Italy, will go for its fifth Olympic Game, between those who passed the gold of Athens 2004 and the bronze of Beijing 2008, although he admitted not giving room to the “emotional” and only prepares with “enthusiasm” for the clash on Monday (1.30 Argentina time) against the Slovenia of Luka Doncic, one of the NBA figures, for group C.

“The difference with China is that, in the previous World Cup, this group had a special contention for what the previous one, the Golden Generation, had done, which, due to the results achieved and heavy names that it had, generated a certain shadow over this team and It did not allow him to fly and develop his story, “he recalled.

“What the veterans did was convince him that he could make his own flight, nowadays he no longer has to convince him. You know that. The narrative goes through reproducing it in another setting, more complex and even. Nothing more“explained the exNBA.

The best Olympic version of Scola, in statistical terms, occurred in the group stage of Beijing 2008 against Russia when you completed your form with 37 points (12-16 in doubles, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and a steal).

What’s more, the power forward has 525 units in the history of the Olympic Games, above Emanuel Ginobili (523), and close to the Brazilian Marques Wlamir (537) and the Spanish Paul Gasol, who will be in Tokyo, with 623. Far away, the Australian Andrew Gaze (789) and the Brazilian Oscar Schmidt (1,093).

Scola’s numbers in each Olympic presentation were Athens 2004 (17.6 average), Beijing 2008 (18.8), London 2012 (18) and Rio 2016 (14.8).

In addition, Despite the three losses in the friendlies played in Las Vegas, the historic basketball player stressed that “only” there was a poor production against Nigeria, since losing with the United States “was on paper” and with Australia “a good game was played.”

And for the debut, In an area that will also be Spain and Japan, he analyzed: “Slovenia has the player in the best shape in the world, who never lost a game with him on the court. he has numbers that have never been seen in history, because he repeats them in Europe, the NBA and FIBA ​​”.”No one ever had that level of dominance. With such a player, any team is powerful in itself. We will have to play a great game to beat him, “he closed.