With 21 points from Prediger and 20 from Easterling, Rojo prevailed as a visitor by 80-72 at the start of the fifth date of A1 and displaced the somiseros from the top. Meanwhile, on matchday number 7 of the A2, Miter beat Somisa “B” in San Pedro and Los Andes added its first win of the season by beating Social, which has not yet won.

basquet local

With the dispute of three parties, yesterday a new date of the tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” of the First local began with the dispute of three parties. For the fifth of the A1, Belgrano “A” left Somisa “A” undefeated and displaced him from the top by beating him in the “Founding Members” by 80 to 72. Before the show began, with the presence of leaders of the ABSN and relatives of the honored personality, the figure of Juan Favaro was recognized “for his love, support and trajectory in this sport.”

For this group, today at 9:00 pm, Defensores and La Emilia will play in Villa Ramallo and at 9:15 pm in “La Ribera” they will do Regatas “A” -Don Bosco.

Meanwhile, in the framework of day number 7 of the A2, last night in San Pedro Miter he defeated Somisa “B” by 61 to 53 and continues to climb the table. Instead, the representative somisero suffered his third consecutive setback. For his part, in Villa Ramallo Los Andes he beat Social by 81 to 68 and added his first victory, in turn giving his rival the seventh fall in the same number of presentations.

Continuing with the activity, today they will face each other at 18.00 in the “Fortunato Bonelli” Belgrano “B” and Sacachispas. Finally, tomorrow at 8.30 pm, the leader with an ideal score will collide, Regatas “B”, and Riberas, in a duel in which the leadership of the area will be at stake.

Somisa “A” 72
Belgrano “A” 80
A. Barbich-I. Petroni
Partial: 26-21, 17-29, 22-11, 7-19
Somisa “A” (72): M. Rodríguez 2, Brovarone 10, Valentini 12, Lete 16, Pascual 18 (fi), Vitangeli, Silvero 14. DT: Nicolás Arámburu.
Belgrano “A” (80): Alimena 2, D. Mazzoni 9, Starzceswsky 3, Calcaterra 18, Easterling 20 (fi), Valdez 3, R. Maffei 4, Prediger 21. DT: Ariel Amarillo.

Nutritious activity for today in Lower

The following is the match program corresponding to the seventh date of the local Lower Divisions championship, to be held today with full activity:
Sub-13: 11.30: La Emilia-Somisa, 14.00: Regattas “B” -Regatas “A” and 15.00: Don Bosco-Los Andes. They will play amicably at 15.00 Sacachispas-Escuela “Tato Landeuix”. Free: Belgrano and Riberas.
Sub-15: 10.00: La Emilia-Somisa, 10.30: Belgrano “B” -Defensores, 15.30: Miter-Belgrano “A” and 18.30: Regattas “B” -Regatas “A”. Free: Sacachispas, Don Bosco and Riberas.
Sub-17: 12.00: Belgrano “B” -Defensores, 14.00: Miter-Belgrano “A”, 16.00: La Emilia-Somisa “A” and Somisa “B” -Riberas, 16.30: Don Bosco-Los Andes and 20.00: Regattas “B” -Regatas “A”. Free: Sacachispas.
Sub-20: 12.30: Miter-Belgrano and 17.30: La Emilia-Somisa. Free: Don Bosco, Riberas, Regattas, Defenders and Sacachispas.

A match at the start of the Women’s date

Today a match will be played at the beginning of the fourth date of the ABSN Women’s First Division tournament. They will play from 20.00 at the “Fortunato Bonelli” Belgrano and Riberas. Tomorrow the activity will be completed with another five clashes. Namely: 11.00: Pergamino-Social Sports, 16.00: Pergamino-Sacachispas Gymnastics, 18.00: San Martín-Los Andes and Sportivo Rojas-La Emilia, 18.30: Regattas-Somisa.

Prior to the start of this last meeting at the “La Ribera” stadium an act will be held, in which the name of “Daniel ´Tenazas” Perazo “will be placed on the contest, with the presence of relatives of the leader of this discipline of the Club de Regattas who passed away last year. Positions: Regattas 8 points, Gymnastics 7, Sports (-1), Belgrano and Los Andes 6, Somisa and Social 5, Sacachispas (-1), Riberas (-1) and La Emilia 4, San Martín (-2) 3 and Sportivo Rojas (-3) 2. Pending: San Martín-Sportivo Rojas (1st) and Sports de Pergamino-Sportivo Rojas (3rd).