Las Gigantes: from San Luis to Paris

While the local basketball and even the NBA are in recess, next week there will be international action in the country. The South American Women’s Seniors will be played from Monday to Saturday in San Luiswhere the national team that leads Gregory Martinez will seek to defend the title won after 70 years in Tunja, Colombia, in 2018. Until then there was a clear Brazilian hegemony, with 16 consecutive crowns.

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Beyond looking for the cup, the scope points to a maximum objective, to start chasing the passage for the Olympic Games of Paris 2024.

The platel that started in Platense (CAB Press).

The platel that started in Platense (CAB Press).

For the first phase of the contest that awards four places to Americup 2023, Argentina will face Venezuela (Monday), Ecuador (Tuesday) and Paraguay (Wednesday), for Group A. In Group B there will be Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. The two best teams in each zone will achieve the objective and advance to the semifinals.

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The contest will be played in two venues: the Ave Fénix Stadium in the capital, where the Group B matches will be played, and the modern La Pedrera Stadium in Villa Mercedes, where the A matches will be played. The team began its preparation on last July 4, with a preselection of 19 players in Platense. Then there were two cuts and finally the squad was left with 12 players. The team traveled to St. Louis on Sunday.

Melisa Gretter, the captain (CAB Press).

Melisa Gretter, the captain (CAB Press).

Melisa Gretter, team captain and tournament MVP dIn 2018, he referred to the union of the group: “We are looking forward to it and we enjoy returning to the National Team, we all wanted to finish our seasons to be able to join.”

For the base of the Estudiantes de España club (eight of the girls come from playing in clubs in that country), the goal is clear: “Paris is a dream. I am very excited and I am very excited about this new project. We have to go step by step to be able to build that team that we are looking for and that we all feel part of this. We know that we have a long way to go, and that is why our head is set on the South American today. We are aware that it is going to be a tough tournament, we haven’t competed for a while and we are training a lot. We are going to enjoy this tournament in San Luis, with our people, and we want to take advantage of that. We are going to enjoy this tournament in San Luis, with our people, and we want to take advantage of that. We will enjoy wearing the light blue and white again.”

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Regarding her role in the team, the 29-year-old player said: “I think I’m much more mature, both on and off the pitch. I feel more like a leader, I have been in this for many years, I came across a lot of players and I gained experience, so I want to take that and try to pass it on to the girls. All together we are going to push forward for the National Team and for women’s basketball. Although since I was little I had the opportunity to experience this, I gained experience and little by little I built myself as a professional player, taking this sport as a way of life. I am grateful for living through all this, for what touched me, for everything I worked to get to where I am. With work you can achieve what you have in mind“.

The campus in St. Louis

Andrea Boquete Alera 1.80 24-Sep-90 University Ferrol (Spain)

Agostina Burani Power Wing / Pivot 1.86 04-Oct-91 Araski AES (Spain)

Diana Cabrera Pivot 1.87 07-Aug-93 Ardoi (Spain)

Luciana Delabarba Base 1.69 29-Mar-97 CA Lanús

Celia Fiorotto Pivot 1.84 02-Jun-92 Picken Claret (Spain) (Last team)

Agustina García Escolta 1.75 14-Jun-96 Félix Pérez (Paraguay) (Last team)

Candela Gentinetta Wing/Power forward 1.82 18-Mar-01 Benfica (Portugal) / Berazategui (Last team)

Melisa Gretter Base 1.60 24-Jan-93 Movistar Students (Spain)

Victoria Llorente Power forward 1.84 05-Jun-96 CD Zamarat (Spain)

Milagros Maza Base 1.70 03-Mar-03 CB Sant Josep (Spain) (Last team)

Julieta Mungo Alera 1.85 06-Aug-97 University Ferrol (Spain)

Camila Suárez Base 1.66 Jul-12-00 Sanitary Works

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Las Gigantes: from San Luis to Paris