Just around the corner

The LBM already has the playoffs just around the corner. Many of the groups will complete their regular phase this week, where there are already many defined positions. Everything, we tell you in our classic weekly summary.

Divisional A

The circle of privilege games were suspended as they overlapped with August 24 and 25.

Divisional B

Group A kept their two leaders to an end date. Peñarol Amateur, maintained its status as a leader, by beating Bella Unión, 85-78. Facundo Barroso with 29 points and Bruno Álvarez with 20, were figures and also settled the match. The other leader, Celta Desvirgo, beat Sandú Universitario, 70-47 and condemned him to last place in the group. Maximiliano Araujo and Rodrigo Brause each scored 24 points. Medellín Cartel, beat Dejan Bodiroga, 62-54, but due to the fall of Bella Unión, both were left with the last places in the playoffs.

At one end date, Inadaptados was the only leader of group B. They beat GOAT, 75-73, with a good finish from the free line. Juan Trombotti was figure and peak, with 41 points. Cimarrón lowered Caimanes from the point and reached the second step of the group. After being more than 30 minutes behind, the Dog turned it around with Martín Quiroga free, who also scored 22 points, in the victory 60-57. This was taken advantage of by The Kings, to also climb to second place in the table, to beat Stark, 72-64, thanks to a brutal finish by Iván Remy, who also scored 20 points. Andrés Guillén, was the scorer with 25 units.

Divisional C

Bacanos United opened the day of group A in a hot clash that defined the third place, crushing Saapbee, 98-47, thanks to a match, both by Antonio Tripodi and Germán González, who scored 29 points each. The first also added 21 rebounds and 10 assists to reach the triple-double. Sportivo La Lechuza maintained the leadership and condemned Tokio Yakuza to last place, leaving it as a shoemaker, in figures of 70-58. Leandro Gamon stood out with 20 points. Gaby obtained the classification and remained escort, after beating 5 Pal Peso 73-70. The game ended with Gonzalo Páez closing with free practice, while Alejandro Ledanis’s 21 points and Santiago De Gouveia’s 20 were key.

In the bottom group B meeting, August 25, he defeated Darseneros, 66-53, condemning him to dispute the permanence and, in turn, kept his hope alive by qualifying for the quarterfinals. Diego Patrone was a figure with 32 units. MDAR kept its undefeated by taking down one of its guards, Cachengue. He beat it 59-53. In a clash of seconds, CHBA maintained its condition, defeating Mucho, 64-61. Federico Suárez scored 21 goals in the winner.

Divisional D

Group A games were suspended as they overlapped with August 24 and 25.

Group B opened with the crossing between the two teams that were already condemned to play the triangular of permanence. Cagancha Square Dogs came out of shoemaker, after beating Todo Red, 63-53. 2Kamikazes surprised Zoon Politikon, beating him 39-34. Fabio Díaz was left with the triple of the victory, in a team that featured Adrián Aguilar with 20 points. Bardotellis secured the “1” by beating his guard, Zum Felde Pistols, 49-48, with a free kick by Camilo Colman five tenths from the end.

Divisional E

Mercadito remained undefeated in group A. He beat Palermo Dardorland, 52-46, with a triple by Matías Santín that settled the match. Deportivo Montañés beat Shukushukule and thus, got the classification and climbed to second place. Neutrales did not appear for the second game of the season, for which he was disqualified. Yaguarí tallied the points and got into the qualifying zone one game from the end.

León achieved its sixth consecutive victory in group B, maintained the second place and achieved the classification, after beating Segunda Pelota, 52-46. Millán and Raffo also advanced to the next instance, by beating the shoemaker, Players, 64-52, who was condemned to play the permanence. Gerardo Fernández scored 21 points. Parque Rodó, was within a shot of the quarterfinals, by beating Mechasky 72-62, with 23 points from Emilio Souto.

Divisional F

Group A games were suspended as they overlapped with August 24 and 25.

Aleti Torrente remained undefeated in group B. He beat a Nottingham Prisa that featured four players, 91-64, with 25 points from Agustín Britos. This was taken advantage of by the Last Quarter, who beat Panormus, 84-29, with 20 points and 30 rebounds from Juan Guerra and qualified for the quarterfinals. It was also achieved by Arrabal, who beat Flint Tropics, 70-62 and also advanced to the next instance, securing the “2” and its crossing with Banco República.