I arrived Justin

From the start, Olivol marked the field for the visit, Fernández threw a 2-3 zone that totally took Capi’s offensive out of rhythm, and damaging in attack with the specialty of the house, Tony’s runs, which placed him with the first 11-2 lead. But both Demian and Davaunta, with good movements to uncheck, found a way to score in the zone and matched the process of a first quarter of which the World Cup winner 16-14.

The one who appeared in the second was the Brazilian Pedro Ianguas, with interior points that accompanied those of the run that Tony continued to find, as a result of Fernández’s good alternate defenses, which completely confused Capitol who continued to collide with them. Olivol’s clear superiority in the fourth was revealed by the 23-13 run, which left things 39-27 ahead of the long break.

Arregui’s team straightened their aim and opened the complement with three triples to score a 9-2 run that brought him up to five points, but now the foreigner who had yet to arrive at the appointment for Olivol would appear, and he would do so in all his splendor . Justin Pierce made two key triples, plus a goal and foul, which restored his calm and the thirteen-point lead. Then there was a nice exchange of triples, followed by a shower of technicians who began to thin the weather a bit; and when Capitol again approached Thomas and Perdomo, those who reappeared were Pierce and Danridge for Capitol to go to the last break with a 63-51 advantage.

Capitol came out to take the rest last. To bite, press and bend; which gave him defensive solutions but lacked clarity when attacking and saw how Olivol was again fifteen above the hand of Pierce and The Brazilian. He returned from that time with Amichetti’s bomb to excite, but just in the absence of five minutes he broke the barrier of ten points, until he reached seven. Again the savior was Justin Pierce with a triple that turned off the last reaction, and how could it be otherwise they ended it with free Danridge and Pierce, the great figures of this enormous triumph, of world dimensions in the future thinking about him clear objective of these two institutions when facing this Uruguayan League. Guided by his foreigners, Olivol Mundial deservedly won 89-75.

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I arrived Justin