He was able to jump the wall

The game started evenly, the two teams did better when running the court than attacking parked defenses. August 25, little by little, the scoreboard began to take off with the triples: Capalbo, Brian García, Vázquez and even Pennacchiotti added from beyond 6.75 to open the first rental of the night. Colón did not have good percentages and could not involve Daniel in the offensive, those of the debutant Alejandro Muro came to defeat the opponent (18-9). In the closing the lion gave all the fouls he had not made in the fourth and free Trelles narrowed the gap: 18-11.

Those of Reig found triples of Emiliano González, Mayora and Espíndola to reduce to a ball. They also took refuge in a 2-3 zone that only Pennacchiotti knew how to interpret with a shot from fourth distance. In any case, it was very difficult for those from Muro to reach the goal, and to find ways to damage the area. Colón, without being anything of the other world, had defensive strengths to stay in play and offensive individualities that led him to score and pass despite not flowing or finding Daniel -without points in the first half-. A nice double from the kid Pérez allowed Reig’s men to go up at the minimum at the long break.

The third was very weak, apart from the fact that the scoring was not so low. They came and went without big offensive ideas. Each bounce was a real war. Espíndola was growing in the game, he felt comfortable in that process, while August 25 had Capalbo as a standard and Pennacchiotti’s fight in the internal game. Colón scored more by running the court and entered five up the last.

The last one started with 6-0 from the lion who quickly left the bad moment behind and was able to pass on the scoreboard in a game that kept the tonic of badly played and mixed. Trelles and Mayora took the reins of Colón, without being very tidy, pushed and was productive to add in a match that from there until the end was absolutely equal. Those of the debutant Muro continued to rely on the uneven luck of Héctor Silva and the penetrations of Brian García and Aristimuño. Daniel, on a lazy night, put four points in a row; but Vázquez and Silva were key for Villa Dolores’s team to enter the top at the minimum at the final minute.

The epilogue was beautiful and exciting, making you forget how lazy the procedure was for the rest of the day. Emiliano Gonzalez put a bombshell that Hector Silva quickly responded. Colón ate two consecutive goals with fouls to give, and both the coaching staff and those close to him exploded. Reig planned the last one with 24 seconds left, El Tigre shot again at 6.75, missed but took the long rebound and was fouled when he went to the basket. He put the two free in an impeccable way and left those of San Martín and Fomento at the door of triumph. Pennacchiotti missed the last one and celebrated the scratch. The twentieth could not assert that technician who debuts, wins …