Gabriel Deck and Facundo Campazzo: the MVP and ideal quintet of the Americup

To more than one member of the coaching staff of Oklahoma City Thunder Several questions must have crossed him on Sunday night. And it is that Gabriel Deck, who remained in the franchise for just a season and a half, was chosen as the MVP of the final that Argentina beat Brazil 75-73 in the Americup. And not only that: also took the prize to the most valuable player of the competition and integrated the ideal quintet.

Facundo Campazzo, captain and key figure of the selected champion, He was also chosen in the ideal quintet. Another of the great protagonists of this feat. Out of sheer courage, Facu was the one who found the spaces when, in the last minutes, Brazil’s defense seemed impenetrable and they outscored Argentina 73-71. Nicolás Laprovíttola tried, Tortu himself tried, but there was no point. The Verdeamarela was a padlock. Until the Wizard put on his top hat and drew his wand…

Against Brazil, Deck finished with 20 points and 7 rebounds, while Campazzo finished with 13 units, 5 assists and four recoveries. They were joined by Nicolás Laprovíttola, who concluded with 15 annotations, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. The figures of the champion cast.

The ideal quintet of the Americup was completed by the Brazilian Iago Santosthe American Norris Cole and the canadian Dalano Banton.

The ideal quintet of the Americup.

Campazzo and Deck, a duo that understand each other perfectly

Gabriel Deck and Facundo Campazzo, against the United States. (Photo: REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino)

Gabriel Deck and Facundo Campazzo, against the United States. (Photo: REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino)

The Campazzo-Deck duo caused headaches for each and every one of the rivals. The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, the United States suffered (More than everyone) and, finally, Brazil. They were the lethal weapon to win each duel and finish undefeated. The Tortu was the dagger in attack and Facu, the shield in defense. A winning duo that was conceived at Real Madrid…

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Under the technical direction of Pablo Laso, Facu and Tortu knew how to be key in giving Merengue the Spanish Super Cups, the King’s Cups and the ACB League. And that duo, of course, He was promoted in the Argentine National Team by Sergio Hernández.

And it is that both have the seal, as they say in the NBA, to be two-way players. Players who defend as effectively as they attack. Weapons on both sides of the field. A feature that not everyone has or that everyone knows how to squeeze. If understanding is added to that enormous capacity, the result is victory.

The great Argentina, the characteristic play of the National Team, where Campazzo spends a little time on the axis of the court while Deck is prepared an indirect block from the bottom line to attack the rim; Tortu’s permanent cuts to the basket, which are perfectly read by Facu to get the pass with the right timing; the moment in which the one from Colonia Dora needs to post himself to damage his back and the Cordovan knows that he must accommodate his companions to leave him alone; All of them are plays that the rivals did not know how to counteract.

And all of them, of course, were part of the keys to all the victories that Argentina took in this Americup. But even beyond the understanding that Campazzo and Deck have on offense, they both continue to be just as effective on defense.

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Campazzo is a wall for rival point guards. A quality that drags since he was in Peñarol de Mar del Plata. And in the rotation of brands, he uses mischief to annoy, even, a pivot. Not to mention the fast hands for steals (5 against the United States) and the correct reading for dubbing. Deck, for his part, has the physical strength to defend a 4 or hold a 5 and to get off as much rebounding as needed. Without both, the defense suffers. And without them It is clear that the tournament would have been another.

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Gabriel Deck and Facundo Campazzo: the MVP and ideal quintet of the Americup