EBA B: Permanence, as an objective

The coaches of Group B of the EBA League speak with B zoneasketch about the objectives for the season and they point out in the first place the permanence, in addition to the improvement and growth of the players, and only a few have in their sights playing the Promotion Phase to LEB Plata.

Save us” he says when asked about the objective of the coach of the CB Aridane, Rafa Sanzwhich advocates that the EBA “can continue in the Aridane Valley for longer” and that the players “will help them grow and be able to make the leap to professional basketball in the short/medium term.”

Angel Diaz, of Basketball Alcala, He mentions as an objective “to continue the ascending line of recent years”, although he says that the first post-covid season “was long for us. we were not well prepared for so much demand and made us meet our best version at the beginning and the worst at the end”.

Also the coach Transportation GGuimar work, Aaron Nunez, is clear that the category must be maintained. Remember that he took charge of the team the previous season with six games to go “in relegation places” and “we were able to get out of them” after winning four games, but we have to “work from the beginning to avoid that situation”.

John Norat, of Torrelodones Basketballdsays that “we continue to focus on the individual improvement of the players”, both physically and technically, and help them “to get to play as high up as possible”.

Our objective is clear and difficult, permanence”, says the coach of the Jofemesa ADC Boadilla, Nacho Fradeand do it with players, for the most part, “trained in the house”.

CConsolidating the project in the category is the objective of the Rodriguez Daimiel coaches. Their coach, Andrew Sanchezsays that it is the third time that “from the humility and work that characterizes us, we try to compete one on one with the best teams knowing the differences that usually exist, and the previous occasions finally cost us relegation” .

The only objective that, being realistic, “we can aspire to is to maintain the position and be able to continue in EBA for another year,” he says. Nico Fernandez de Cordoba in charge of StudyYbecause “our club is from a school. Nor we have municipalities or sponsors behind, no player charges anything and they are all amateurs”.

After noting that in Fuenlabrada cosubsidiary mo “we use competition as a platform for development” his coach, Jose Luis Pichel points out that “our competitive objective is to maintain the place in order to maintain this platform” and “promote the new cycle to continue feeding the first team with homegrown players”.

According to Andrew Miso, in charge ofhe CB Getafe, In this first year in the EBA league, the objective that “we set for ourselves is to compete, compete every game” and time will tell “where we are at the end of the season”.

For Roman Hairstylecoach of Lujisa Guadalajara Basketball, the The objective is “to improve the classification of last season so that we can once again excite the city with basketball”.

The goal of CB La Matanza No It must be something other than “save the category, get it as soon as possible,” says his coach, susma rodriguezwho recalls that there is an entire Municipality “working to make this project as long-lived as possible and that is what we are going to work for”.

Mica Toulouse, trainor of Doña Ramoncita CB La Solana, points out that as a team with no experience in the category, the objective is “to achieve permanence in order to give continuity to the project” and adds that “we have We are looking forward to it and we will put in effort and work to take this challenge forward and be able to maintain ourselves”.

Majadahonda must think about maintaining the category says his coach, John Manuel Ruiz. We must not forget that “we continue in it for the enlargement” and we must be consistent.

the coach ofand Movistar Students, Sergio Jimenez, says that in a training team the objective is “to make the players grow in the competition, both at a technical, tactical and physical level”, and at a competitive level “compete against any team on any court.”

The main objective of Nautical Tenerife it is permanence, according to his coach, Jorge Montanewhich also points out “betting on youth and competing at the highest level, demanding ourselves daily”.

Jose Antonio Ramirezcoach ofthe NCS Alcobendasit is resounding in stating that the goal is “to be at the top to qualify for the Promotion Phase”.

For pintobasketball the objective is none other than “to try maintain the category” according to his coach, Peter Joseph Miota. “We only have four players with experience in the EBA and the ones who have to show that we are worthy for this League are us, not the rest of the teams”.

Ignatius Refyo, in front of the bench dthe CB Pozuelo, points out that the objective is to maintain the category and adds that its budget level is “limited”.

In CD Basket Globalcaja Quintanar saccording to his coach, Juan Carlos Navarrothis season “we have to put into practice what we have learned in the previous ones, especially the last one, so we only think about going game by game, working and competing to be able to prolong the stay in the EBA of Quintanar del Rey basketball”.

Permanence, which “will not be easy at all”, is the objective ofhe Real Estate Galvez Santa Cruz, says his coach Joseph Perez. Of the rest “we can dream, that it is free”, adds the coach who urges his team to “fight every ball, every second and every game as if there were no tomorrow”.

For Manuel Jimenez “J.orchild”on the bench Head CB Socuéllamos, The goal is to “try be competitive every day, to be able to prove it over the weekend” and “we’ll see how far our work takes us”.

Coach of Sun Chorella Dragons, Jorge Lorenzo, points out that the objectives are similar to those of last year. “A young group (this year younger) with whom to grow as players and as a team”.

The objective pplow Tobarra Gasóleos Sánchez and Murcia In the words of his coach, John Gonzalez Canois to form a competitive team to “maintain the category, knowing of the difficulty due to the important jump in level and due to the many changes that have taken place in the squad”.

Jesusors room says he joins a team, aurochs of Rivas, thatHe has been playing the promotion phase for two years under the direction of Juanjo Simón. “We would like to be among those who fight for the first places to be able to opt for that Phase”, but “I am clear that if we want to be there we must give a very high performance every day of competition, since any defeat can leave you out of that fight ”.

The objective of CB Valsequillo “We have it clear and it is permanence”, says his coach, Tony Esparragon. It is an important category jump and “all we want is adapt to try to add victories as soon as possible, so that we get closer to permanence”.

Paira Zentro Basket Madrid, “It’s always the same goal,” says his coach, Danny Molina. “Do improve the players and prepare them to make the definitive leap to professional basketball”, although “I am not going to deny that recovering the categoryTo beIt was the icing on the cake, especially to be able to give the option to the players who come from below to be able to take the last step in their training in the LEB Plata”.

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EBA B: Permanence, as an objective