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Photo: Martín Pérez Banchero and Germán Cardoso… Other times.

– … the thing is that the Martín Pérez Banchero, uncovered a gross pot of “scams”, and also did not want to sign a “revaluation” with some advertisements. A plane, Germancito !!!


-Here, what must be highlighted is that the government is led by a white man and that was fundamental. Everyone knows that it was Luis who asked him to resign.

-I suppose you mean President Luis Lacalle. Look Manuel, the President cannot ask any colorado to resign. It is likely that he asked you to resign, but did not ask for any resignation. Cardoso announced that he was leaving the Ministry at the home of Julio María Sanguinetti, which means that he has the support of the sector. And we all know that Sanguinetti is the one who is supporting the coalition. If Luis Lacalle does something that bothers Sanguinetti, he is left without the multicolored coalition.

-Then, who governs?

-And I tell you more, Manini Ríos is leaving behind Sanguinetti with Cabildo Abierto, so don’t screw around with that because we’re not going to take it.

-Stop, stop … The thing here is that Cardosito and Remo Monzeglio, put advertising even on Facebook and paid any money, and Pérez Banchero did not take them the trip, he even said that Remo Monzeglio never went to the Ministry, hahahaha … Those reds they don’t change anymore.

– That subject is a pass of invoices of other times. The point is that Pérez Banchero is also a Colorado, therefore we can say that if a Colorado wanted to do some shit, another Colorado stopped him. I wish we could say the same of all the bullshit that took place in the FA government and no broad front was able to say something, or stop something.

-Also, Cardoso did not resign because he was guilty of something …

-… Nooooo, please, it would be an injustice to think that !!! LOL. “Permitanmennn” remind you that Cardosito was the general secretary of the PC when the whole affair that of the Nelson de Maldonado change broke in 2017. The owner of the change was Cardoso’s brother-in-law and who financed the campaign with that shit … Hahahaha … A little more ago A month later, the phone calls to a Maldonado police chief for “personal matters …” Stop fucking! The Man is what is popularly known as “an airplane” … hehehe

-He resigned because that issue affected the government. He said it at the conference he gave at Sanguinetti’s house.

-And did you believe him? hahahaha … How did you believe Chechi Eguiluz when she said that she was leaving politics, that she would always be red and that she would always vote for Germán Coutinho. I guess they found out that he comes back with everything.

-Yeah right.

-Obviously, yesterday Cabildo Abierto held a press conference to announce the incorporation of Eguiluz to the Party.

-Nelito, tell me the truth: The reds kick the ones I told you … Right?

-Esteeee … noooo … All good …

-How did you allow yourself to let her go?

-Cecilia Eguiluz is a free woman and does what she wants. And if at that moment he did not want to continue in politics, no one was going to stop him. She did not accept that Germán told her that to be a candidate for Deputy, she had to participate in the internship, she believed that she had sufficient credentials to be a finger candidate.

– I remember that she, being a deputy, wrote a letter where she resigned from politics.

– But not to the Party. In fact, he coordinated with the Party bench until the last day. It was very disciplined.

-Yes, yes, yes … The issue was not to leave the law of deputy … Hahahahaha.

-There they distanced themselves. Coutinho was very angry with her …

… Why didn’t he turn over the bank?

-No, no, because nobody asked for it. They distanced themselves because Germán did not hitchhike her as a candidate, as she wanted.

– I remind you that in those days, in the Senate, there was Bordaberry, who was the most active legislator on the bench, and it was said that Eguiluz was “going” with Bordaberry to a new sector.

-Bordaberry was always the “boss” of Coutinho. He will have endured Eguiluz and Coutinho should have put his violin in a bag.

-Well, I would never vote for her, but I think she adds to the “facherío”, although some quilombeo in the intern will arm them, to reaffirm that it is her. Jijijijij …

-Why do you say that it adds up? He left Vamos Salto due to the tremendous resistance that he had gained in the sector itself. In fact, Coutinho did not designate her as his candidate for Deputy because everything was broken. Vamos Salto.

-Yes, I know that he left the Colorado party and never left his tit … sorry, he never left the bank and got paid until the last minute, but I say that it adds up, because of the women who are on the return of politics, none ties him the cords; I speak of all parties. Nobody can deny that she is a woman, in addition to having experience, she prepared a lot.

-You excuse me Sandro, but in the National Party we have women who do not envy Eguiluz anything.

-I’m not saying she’s the best in the world. I’m just saying that there are not many with the experience and preparation that he has.

-Well, to tell the truth, to a certain extent, Cabildo Abierto in Salto adds a lot, fundamentally what it lacks most, experience.

-The experience that deputy Daniel Caggiani lacks, for example.

-To who?

-Daniel Caggiani, a deputy from the Frente Amplio, MPP… Don’t you know him?

-Esteee … yes, eeeee … of course the “partner” Caggiani. How can I not meet him! What did Danielito do?

-In the middle of the chamber session, he invited Deputy Alfonso Lereté to fight.

-And who is that?

-Nationalist deputy, former director of AFE, former mayor, good track record.

-Well, something must have done the “tereré”, that …

-Lereté! Alfonso Lereté.

-I mean … And what happened?

-Happily it didn’t go beyond a few shoving, a little skirmish and an invitation from the misplaced Caggiani to fight outside.

-They kicked like “grab me, I’ll kill him” … hehehe. There is no case, they were handsome from before! Those who made things up with a duel.

-Are you serious?

-Of course. Don’t you remember one of the last duels? It was when Cejas Sanguinetti fought with Flores Mora… And they were from the same Party! The two Colorados.

-That’s history.

-Yes, but that’s how things were arranged, in the macho way. That was in the year 70, if memory serves me correctly.

-Yes, but Sanguinetti and Flores Mora were friends, for reasons of the moment they settled differences in duel, but they ended up being friends again and nothing happened, beyond a small cut on Flores Mora’s arm.

-Now that they talk about duels. Was it Mujica who proposed that the dueling law be reinstated?

-That was a few years ago and it was because he got horny with a journalist who got his ear wet.

-Mujica settled the differences in another way, with weapons yes, but not precisely in duels, Hahahaha


– See if that law existed, surely Argimon would have challenged Boquita Andrade to a duel. That woman is not well, is she?

-Are you referring to the car stop that the president of the Senate gave the daring Oscar Andrade? Beatriz Argimón was fantastic.

-Those who were not at all fantastic were the teachers. They went on strike and left thousands of gurises without eating. That is not done !!!

-Those gurises should have food at home, but since their parents don’t have work they should eat at school. Do you want the teachers who fight for what is fair, and what corresponds to them, to be the ones to blame for the situation? Boys, grow up.

-No, Sandro, you don’t have to grow up, you just have to remember. Let us remember the sayings of the PIT-CNT when they said that if the right wing won the country would explode with mobilizations. It is happening as they said. They go on strike and deprive children of food.

-Guys, look down … there is just the Infiltrated Column.

The infiltrated column


… At that time the scaffolding of the transition necessarily passed through a reconciliation of Wilson with the Armed Forces. Personally, I would have liked it to happen earlier and that is what we had said and reiterated. Everything would have been different. But things were as they were and the new Government had to be installed, it was necessary to produce that effect, which is why we provoked a meeting of the Nationalist Caudillo with the then Commander-in-Chief of the Army Lt. General Hugo Medina. We were still in the Old Government House (before moving to the Libertad Building) and we met in a small office, adjacent to the agreement room. We did not announce the meeting to either of them, but knowing that they were both in the Government House, we asked Wilson if he refused to greet Medina who was in the House.

No way, delighted –He declared.

-General Guillermo De Nava, Head of the Military House, who was in his office with Medina, goes up with the Commander to ours and from behind, Wilson -very in his style- tells Medina:

-¿You hate me a lot general?

Medina, who was not slow either, answers:

-Not too much.

I invite you to sit down and there General De Nava sits next to me, in front of the two visitors and says:

-Did you see, President? One leaves them and immediately the whites come together.

That in white –Said Wilson– more or less because you, General (alluding to Medina and making the gesture as if to vote), with that hand he sinned …

-I do not know what he’s talking about…

– You know, General … you know that you voted for the Colorados.

-I only voted for the peace of the country.

And I am the war, General?

-No war, but peace either …

As the days went by, these two suspicious interlocutors grew in confidence and ended up, it can be said, friends. When Wilson died and the Armed Forces honored him, Medina said that at another time they would have done it out of obligation, but now they paid him respect and recognition.

Until today and forever we have an enormous gratitude to him. For him to propose the Expiry Law that: whatever is said was a pledge of peace, it constituted a patriotic sacrifice that he honorably fulfilled. Personally, every time we remember him, we spontaneously smile, thinking about his antics. In Uruguayan political life he was a star with his own light, who from a young dilettante became a statesman and from a statesman to a singular leader, to the point that today he maintains, beyond reason, that emotional attachment that only of that lineage reach.


Extracted from the book “Portraits from memory”, By Julio María Sanguinetti