Davis: “We suck, we are not a candidate for the title right now”

After one more loss the shaker is shaken at the Lakers. The stars want a reaction and Anthony Davis, the brightest at a time when LeBron James is out with injury, wants to give his teammates a warning to react. The Angelenos are just one win over 50%, with a record of 7-6, and were beaten at the Staples Center by the Minnesota Timberwolves, not even close to being a candidate in the Western Conference, when Davis asked for his turn to express his feelings.

“We are sucking. There is no defense and we cannot score. What we should do is not point the finger either: ‘It was you. This play is yours.’ We have to be together and learn from this. Obviously you are going to lose games, everyone They do it, but in the right way, having a team that beats you and not lose it yourself. I hate that we feel that way. “he said when he finished.

“We have to decide which team we are going to be. A candidate for the title? Right now we are not that. We are not going to win the championship the way we play. We have to do better and care about all the victories in general and the ones at home in particular. It’s embarrassing. “, he aimed to finish off.

Davis emphasized a horrendous third quarter in which they beat them 12-40. ESPN He has reviewed the data that the tournament is showing and the Lakers’ third quarters this season are the worst of any team if we look at the point differential: -83.

“There is no better motivator than a bad loss. Our guys are pissed off, the coaching staff is pissed off … We will come back and fix it. And we will improve on effort, attention and execution.”Vogel commented. “LeBron is LeBron, obviously, but there’s no reason for us to go out there and do that badly.”Ellington claimed. “Inconsistency is the problem. There is not a single one in that locker room who doesn’t know what to do, but we don’t.”Westbrook said.

James, Ariza and Horton-Tucker were recently joined by Austin Reaves, the rookie who was giving such good touches coming out as a substitute, in the Nursing.

The Lakers have had ten of their first thirteen games at home and have not benefited from it, so they will have to come back in the West, where they are seventh.

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Davis: “We suck, we are not a candidate for the title right now”