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There was activity in four categories and the action took place in the “Rusticucci” micro-stadium, the Sportivo club and the Presidente Derqui club.

Three local scenarios hosted the development of a new instance of Basketball in the “Buenos Aires” Cup modality of the 31st edition of the Buenos Aires Games.

The activity, organized by the municipal Sports Department, was held at the “Ricardo Rusticucci” micro-stadium, the Club Sportivo Pilar and the Club Presidente Derqui, and brought together casts from various districts of the northern province.

The “Buenos Aires” Cup modality is carried out only in some disciplines and will take its champion to represent the province of Buenos Aires in the Final of the Evita National Games.

“It is a pride to be able to be the scene of this type of sports days and give our boys and girls the chance to play as locals. It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed it very much,” said the director of community sports, Fernando Trillo, who thanked “the directors of the Sportivo and Derqui clubs for the transfer of their facilities.”

Pilar’s sets were unlucky. They starred in very good performances but none managed to get through the filter and saw their performances end.

The one that came closest was the U15 women’s divisional team, which played its contest at the “Rusticucci” micro-stadium. Pilar was represented by the Presidente Derqui club, which after beating Salliqueló fell in the final game against Junín by a tight 48-46.

Pilar trained with Paloma Galera, Agustina Mansilla, Catalina Marcos, Delfina Molina, Delfina Silvestri, Valentina Silvestri, Guadalupe Lerche, Josefina Marcovich, Delfina Segovia and Tiziana Zotti. DT: Nicolas Suarez.

In the “Rusticucci” the U17 male category was also played, which did not have a local presence. In the first round, Pergamino beat Junín and Pellegrini to Exaltación de la Cruz and then Pergamino won the semis classification after beating Pellegrini.

At Club Sportivo Pilar, the men’s Sub 15 category was finalized, culminating in Junín’s crowning.

Pilar lost in a great match against Arrecifes by 64 to 63. The local representative enlisted Tomás Tabarez Zúccaro, Franco Arbillaga, Darko Belaich, Tomás Mondrik, Lorenzo Aguirre, Máximo Giessi, Renato López, Iñaki Quintana, Álvaro Soqueira and Quimei Alvite. DT: Federico Martinez

Finally, at the Presidente Derqui Club, the women’s Under 17 division contest took place. There, Pilar could not with Pergamino and fell 39 to 32. Bragado won the final after beating Pergamine.

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Buenos Aires games | Pilar received a key day of the “Buenos Aires” Basketball Cup | Radius X Pillar