Body found in open field was identified and investigation continues | Daily Change

After forensic examinations, it was possible to identify the body of the man who was found dismembered inside a sheet in the Juan Carlos Gómez area, between Cuareim and Entre Ríos. This is Edison Olivera Sosa, 31, who was mutilated and found by a couple in a brick kiln area in the Cien Manzanas neighborhood. The murdered person had been absent from his home for several days. And although the causes of the homicide are still unknown, the authorities estimate that it may be linked to a drug case. According to police sources there is currently one person detained. The 1st shift prosecutor, Augusto Martinicorena, has been working to clarify the case.
The official information issued by the Salto Police Headquarters shows that on the afternoon of this Tuesday, August 24 – close to 4:20 p.m. – it is learned that in a property located on Juan Carlos Gómez street between Cuareim and Entre Ríos streets , there would be apparently a lifeless body. Upon arrival, Police personnel dialogue with a couple (a man and a woman), both of legal age, who detail that in circumstances that were rummaging through the garbage, they found a bundle wrapped in a sheet. When proceeding to check inside, there would appear to be a dismembered human body. Upon arrival of the Technical Police at the scene, the scene of the event is secured, protected and preserved. Staff from the Scientific Police Department, Investigations Unit and the Headquarters Command attended, as well as the Prosecutor on Duty, together with the Forensic Doctor.
The Chief of Police of Salto, Carlos Ayuto, was present at the scene and said that evidently the crime did not occur in the area, but rather, it was in another place and then he was taken to that vacant lot where he was thrown. Ayuto added that an abandoned motorcycle was found in the area whose license plate does not match the vehicle, but it cannot be said that it is related to the event, although it is being investigated.