Basketfolk, the project led by Fitipaldo and Bavosi to bring basketball closer to more people in the country

basketfolkthat’s the name of the non-profit association led by basketball players Federico Bavossi Y Bruno Fitipaldo and that proposes to use sport to promote values ​​in adolescence and childhood.

“Basketfolk is a creation of Federico who was the one who started it many years ago. But it had lingered a bit and it wasn’t working. At the same time, I wanted to do something, to help and I found out about this”, Fitipaldo told Ovation.

The basketball players already knew each other, they got together to shape the new association and try to make it last over time.

“We are starting, but with a much more stable structure and we believe that this will grow,” remarked the player from Tenerife and the Uruguayan basketball team.

Fitipaldo and Bavosi with the Basketfolk project. Photo: Courtesy.
Fitipaldo and Bavosi with the Basketfolk project. Photo: Courtesy.

Fitipaldo pointed out that the objective is not to create new basketball players, but to support children who are in “complex or difficult” situations.

“We want them to find motivation such as learning about a new sport or doing different activities, having more curricular hours and supporting very important ages in training,” he stressed.

The name comes from a concept coined by Tato López, whom Bavosi asked for permission to use: “He (Tato López) used it, at the time, to explain a bit about the mixture of Uruguayan folklore or Uruguayan basketball with the sport. We, with that concept and with Tato’s permission, try to make the children learn those values ​​and that we see many children playing, that they see basketball as a fun outing, to get together with friends and to have an extra activity, “explained the Uruguayan. .

And he added: “From the first classes and activities the children are very happy. They are discovering things that they did not know, they really like the attention of the teachers and they really see them as an example and a very important figure in their development”.

This week the sky-blue player traveled to Uruguay for the World Cup Qualifiers and they will take the opportunity to spread their project. “It is very important to spread it to both individuals and private companies that are interested, because support is the only way to continue growing and to reach more children and thus increase the population,” he concluded.

From their place, as professional athletes, Mono Bavosi and Fitipaldo intend to help those who need it and for that they invite all those who want to accompany them.

sports possibilities

From Basketfolk they emphasize that through this sport motor, athletic and intellectual capacities can be stimulated; transmit concepts of fair play, respect and discipline; promotion of teamwork and the importance of complementary roles in human groups stimulation of personal and group improvement.

How to support: approach

From the organization they seek to add companies, annual sponsors and people interested in getting involved and collaborating in the long term with the non-profit association.

“We provide ideas and organization. We hope that people like it, get along and join us”, explained Fitipaldo to Ovación.

Another look: what they give

In addition to Bavosi and Fitipaldo, who act as directors of Basketfolk, there is a team of professionals working: “We have a group of teachers who are in charge of teaching the classes and planning everything that will be done with the children both within the school and the activities. outside. In addition to a communication manager and a manager”.

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Basketfolk, the project led by Fitipaldo and Bavosi to bring basketball closer to more people in the country