After work and with a face full of coal, a mining dad takes his son to a game and gives a lesson

The great teachings of life usually come from details that seem insignificant, but they are quite the opposite. And this happened with a story that she has fallen in love with: after work and with a face full of coal, a mining dad takes his son to a game and gives a lesson; meet her at I am Carmine.

Through social networks, various users shared images in which father and son are seen together during the basketball game and it is clear why people were encouraged to share the photos: the little boy is happy to be at the sporting event in the company of his father, who wears a uniform full of coal; it spreads on his face and arms.

The identity of the father was unknown, but it was later revealed that it is the miner Michael McGuire, originally from Kentucky, United States. Like many fathers, the man had a long work day that began at dawn and lasted until late at night.

He knew how important it was for his son to attend the practice game of the University of Kentucky Wildcats, since it would be the first time that the child would experience this. So getting home and showering was not an option because he would take time that he didn’t have and they would be late for the basketball game.

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In the same photo you can see that Michael McGuire looks exhausted but happy to spend time with your child. And it is not for less that he looked listless, since specifically the work as a miner is risky and exhausting because it consists of digging and digging to obtain the minerals.

The images of father and son caught the attention of John Calipari, coach of the Wildcats. Briefly, through his Twitter account, he shared the photos that he accompanied by a text through which he explained that the story moved him because he reminded him of his own family.

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“My family’s American dream began in a coal mine in Clarksburg, WV, so this image reminded me of home. From what I’ve been told, after your turn, ran to be with his son and see our team. I don’t know who he is but I have tickets for him and his family at Rupp to be treated like VIPs!” the trainer wrote.

The miner’s wife Mollie McGuire, saw John Calipari’s post and responded. “My amazing husband started his day from 4:45am that morning. Afterwards he drove straight to the arena to meet us and enjoy the game with our son. We are truly blessed with this amazing man, I am beyond grateful. We love our miner.”

In this way, Michael McGuire knew that his actions had had such an impact that he became popular on social networks. He hadn’t had access to these because when he got off work he was just focused on being with his family. By the way, the coach fulfilled his promise and even the so-called “dad of the year” was interviewed by CNN. His story did not stay in the United States, but he reached other parts of the world, touching various hearts.

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After work and with a face full of coal, a mining dad takes his son to a game and gives a lesson