21/22: The Spanish who will play in NCAA-DI

We keep an eye on the Spanish legion that will participate next season in the NCAA-DI, which is about to begin. After the explosion of Santi Aldama, who was drafted by Memphis in the 1st round and will play the NBA, there are up to 13 other Spanish talents that continue to be formed in the first division of the NCAA.

Those who follow

Robinson Idehen (1997/208 cm / UCSB / 20-21: 12 mi, 4.9 pt, 3.4 d). The Tudelano, who will live his last year, will return to his team’s painting to provide dirty and physical work.

Joshua Tomaic (1998/208 cm / San Diego State / 20-21: 15 mi, 4.6 pt, 3.3 d). Sixth year of a Tomaic who returned to feel what it was like to play in SDS after not enjoying minutes in Maryland. Constant performance of the canary, which must take that step further.

Jesús Carralero (2000/203 cm / Campbell / 20-21: 18 mi, 6.9 pt, 3.0 re, 2.7 as). A physical prodigy and with more and more minutes acting as combo forward. He will remain at Campbell, hoping he doesn’t have a problem with injuries. His progression in the outside shot will mark his destiny.

Ismael Massoud (2000/203 cm / Kansas State / 20-21: Wake Forest: 21 mi, 8.3 pt, 3.4 d). Of a Spanish mother and an Egyptian father, Massoud will play at Kansas State after requesting the transfer that it was already rumored that maybe he asked after his year Freshman. He will continue to show his physique and outside shooting in a first-rate conference.

Miguel Ayesa (2000/196 cm / William & Mary: 10 mi, 2.9 pt). After a season Freshman (19/20) where the player left a good impression, in 20/21 it was difficult for him to have minutes, being relegated to almost a shooter role. It will continue at the same university.

Golden Dike (2001/208 cm / Loyola RH: 25 mi, 7.1 pt, 6.2 re, 2.2 as). A brute force. Aldama’s partner in misdeeds, he is able to watch basketball and has traced his numbers from Freshman. You must work from the personnel line. With potential.

Sigu Sisoho (2000 / 190cm / Weber State: 32 mi, 12.3 pt, 3.2 as). Self-made player. His jump to the GBA with his style of combo guard fast and unbalanced he opened the doors of the NCAA, being recruited by Loyola Marymount. However, after his year Freshman he went to Weber State, where he left and was a revelation player, sneaking into the second quintet of the Big Sky.

Alonso Faure (2002/208 cm / Loyola MD: 13 mi, 5.2 pt, 3.6 d). One of the best national interior talents. He has been gradually adding minutes and prominence in his first year at university. It will go to more.

Borja Fernández (2001/201 cm / Montana State: 18 mi, 4.5 pt, 3.3 d). The strong does not fail combo forward Basque, who continues with minutes and contributing while waiting for the Bobcats to give him an even greater role and for which he is amply prepared. Strength and work on the outside shot of a player every day more inside.

Those that are released

Pablo Tamba (2003/198 cm / Idaho State). The Cordoba jumps to the NCAA after shining at Unicaja, where he was the leader alongside Rafa Santos and stood out in EBA (one of the best juniors in the EBA League).

Pedro López-Sanvicente (2002/203 cm / Denver). One of the pleasant surprises of the Gran Canaria subsidiary was this combo forward with a lot of mobility, cheekiness, without fear of throwing and great activity on the rebound (4.6 pt, 3.5 re). He can and wants to continue growing in the NCAA.

Great Osobor (2002/203 cm / Montana State). The most unknown. A few months ago we put the NCAA world on the track of this physical prodigy who stood out in the British NBL and who will now share a dressing room with Borja Fernández.

Álvaro Cárdenas (2002/186 cm / San Jose State). He was trained in La Zubia at the hands of his father, gaining prominence from a very young age, before going to the Czech GBA to improve and attract the attention of the NCAA. When the competition stopped, he was seen training with the CB Granada Foundation (LEB Oro), but now he comes to DI to demonstrate the playmaker inside him, as well as his impudence and his handling of the ball.

Other talented national players have landed in American basketball, but they have done so far from the NCAA-DI spotlight. For example, the U19 World Cup Javier Rodriguez he will play at a Junior College after his year in the Czech GBA. To the world of High School and Prep come men like Owen aquino (Central Pointe Christian), Eddy valentino pinedo (leaves Torrelodones to go to Sunrise Christian, a Prep where other Spanish players such as Sorolla or Saiz have been recently) and the famous island twins Guillermo and Jorge Díaz-Graham (They have joined the prestigious IMG Academy). The young man has also made the leap Izan Almansa, who has joined other talents to join the Overtime Elite, which after knowing their calendar has divided their young promises into three campuses, playing an internal league and against other high school level teams.