Yankees, the great disappointment in the first half of the season

Aaron Boone’s team was fighting for the top spots early in the season, but has hit a pothole and is now a long way from the division lead.

As of this week we are officially in the second part of the baseball season of the Big leagues.

Without a doubt one of the great disappointments of 2021 has been New York Yankees, Aaron Boone’s team was fighting for the top spots early in the season, but in recent weeks has hit a pothole and is now more than 10 games away from the division lead in East LA. American league.

The question that all Bronx Bombers fans have is whether or not their team has a remedy and if that possible solution will arrive before the trades close for the final stretch of the season. The logical answer seems to be a resounding no, however when we talk about the most popular and relevant team in Major League baseball, one should never rule out that it can do something to improve and that in the last month of the season it can fight for a ticket to the playoffs.

But before we think about that, we must answer: What has gone wrong for the Yankees this season? As incredible as it may seem, a team full of relevant names in their order at bat has been left to the offense. This team doesn’t hit, doesn’t run the bases well, and doesn’t score enough runs. If he still has a positive record, he owes it to his pitchers and not his hitters, something we couldn’t imagine saying when the season started.

Judge, Voit, Stanton, Torres and Sánchez are very good hitters, However, they seem to be players with very similar characteristics, which has limited the potential that this team has when it comes to attacking its rivals, not to mention that for one reason or another it is difficult for them all to be healthy at the same time. It has not been unusual to see him as second in order to Luke voit now that he’s back and in foreplay. Judge himself held that position, which at least historically has been for players with completely different characteristics than they have.

The hardest question to ask in the office of the Yankees It is if they should seek to improve the team because they have the opportunity to fight for the postseason or if 2021 is definitely a lost cause and it is time to try to get rid of some veterans who swell the payroll to attract prospects and look for a better version of the team for the next season. This answer only has the general manager Brian Cashman, who a few days ago, despite the clamor of the fans, said that Aaron boone he is sure in his position and that there will be no changes in the coaches, so out there he does not think that is the problem.

I personally believe that Yankees they still have a solution. It is true that they are very far from the leaders of their division and today it does not seem possible that they are fighting in the last days of September to get to fight for the World Series, however I believe that these players on offense have the potential to explode in the final stretch and give the Manhattan Mules some hope. Attentive to the movements they make in the coming days because there we will know if their office believes there is a way to save the year for them.