What do you think? Breakdown of Miguel Cabrera’s contract and its numbers

The Venezuelan Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers, he’s obviously not the same as he was seven years ago after when he was arguably the current best hitter in the league. MLB. Has he been on duty?

His first big contract of 8 years and 152 million in 2008 until 2016 was justified without a doubt. However, his second of 252 of him for another 8 years, has an uncertainty about whether Miguel Cabrera has justified those millions or if he has been owed.

Miguel Cabrera signed an eight-year contract for 152 million dollars with the Detroit Tigers, whose contract expired at the end of the 2016 season. However, in March 2014 they reached a contract extension for 252 million and 8 more seasons.

Said extension of 252 million began to count from the 2016 season onwards, let’s see his numbers season after season plus the money he is being paid.

  • 2016-158 games, 188 hits, 92 runs scored, 38 home runs, 108 RBIs, 316 AVG and 956 OPS. (28 million).
  • 2017-130 games, 117 hits, 16 home runs, 60 RBIs, 249 AVG and 728 OPS. (28 MILLION)
  • 2018-38 games, 3 home runs, 22 RBIs, 40 hits, 299 AVG and 843 OPS. (30 MILLION)
  • 2019-136 games, 41 runs scored, 131 hits, 12 home runs, 59 RBIs, 182 AVG and 744 OPS. (30 MILLION)
  • 2020-57 games, 28 runs scored, 51 hits, 10 homers, 25 RBIs, 250 AVG and 746 OPS. (30 MILLION)
  • 2021-130 games, 48 ​​runs scored, 121 hits, 15 home runs, 75 RBIs, 2556 AVG and 701 OPS. (30 MILLION)

Do you think he has justified the millions of his last contract?

Although his last seasons have been bad based on what he is being paid, his age and health have not been in his favor and it was something to be expected. However, MIGUEL CABRERA is a future HOF.

The extension was good, the Tigers had many reasons to give all that money to the Triple Crown, health intervened years later, something that does not depend on him or the team. However, the team has to keep paying.

His decline began in 2017, then in 2018 he was only able to play 38 games, suffered an injury to his left biceps following a swing and immediately left the game.

He suffered a ruptured left biceps tendon, which required surgery and put him out of action for the remainder of the 2018 season.

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What do you think? Breakdown of Miguel Cabrera’s contract and its numbers