PSG is the favourite, according to the AI

Artificial Intelligence has spoken before PSG-Real Madrid. According to a report (full, here) produced by the gigantic Olocip, there is a team that arrives considerably more in form than the other, in addition to several conclusions to take into account regarding players. What is AI and how reliable is it? As the company itself explains, with it “you can really qualify and know the impact that a player hasobjectively assessing the impact of actions and not just those carried out”.

The report makes it clear that PSG is favorite for the game this Tuesday. This conclusion has been reached by taking the average of the scores obtained in the last three national competition matches, weighted by the number of minutes played in each match. To achieve this type of score, the Artificial intelligence it takes into account all the actions that are done on the field of play and at the end of the game it generates a score from 3 to 10. More than 64 different types of actions are taken into account, including offensive, defensive and game building actions. PSG arrives with an average of 8.36; while Real Madrid, 6.75.

Vinicius and Benzema, with better performance than Mbappé

Viniciuswith a +14.01is by far the best performing player to date. Benzema He is the second player with the most impact in the game for the white team (+10.28). While Mbappé named PSG’s best player (+8.74), has generated almost half for the Parisian team than the Brazilian, despite having played more.

In this graph you can see the performance of the players compared to the minutes played in the league. On the X-axis, the total number of minutes played of all the players who have participated so far. On the other hand, the y-axis represents the accumulated value of the players with their actions (offensive, defensive and game building).

The higher the player is located (value) and the further to the left (minutes played), it will mean that his performance has been more optimal having played fewer minutes.

In another order, the centrals arrive in a great moment in form. At PSG, Marquinhos (+8.38) and Kimpembe (+6.56), they are the second and third players with the greatest impact. in Madrid, Praise (+6.10) and Military (+5.91). The problem with both teams is that neither has a reliable replacement for their forward line. Icardi (-0.24) is the player who has penalized PSG the most with his actions; Y Jović (-0.06) and Mariano (-0.15), to Madrid.

Shots: Messi is the disappointment

It is not performing as expected. He is the fourth player who has made the most shots, but with his shots he has penalized. He was expected to have scored two more league goals. For his part, Mbappe He is the PSG player who carries the offensive weight of the team. With his shots he has scored four more goals than expected.

Where Messi is having a good performance is in the construction of the game. The Argentine is the third footballer from both teams who has participated most successfully in game development (+5.54). Vinicius (+6.37) and Mbappe (+5.58) are ahead, but with more minutes.

It is important to know how to differentiate between frequency (number of shots) and value (impact of shots). Shoot a lot and hit little, remains.

The return of Benzema It is paramount for Ancelotti. He is the footballer who has generated the most value with his shots (+7). This means that he has seven more goals than expected in the league. Slightly behind is Vinicius (+6.75). The Brazilian is the most effective finisher (+3.89), although Benzema has achieved better shooting positions.

Neymar gives a surprise

the brazilian, Despite being one of the players who has played the fewest minutes (858′), he slips into the Top 10 with the best performance in game development. Little quantity, but effectiveness when it touches (+2.54). In addition, it is the twelfth that has had the best performance in the Parisian team. His return is, without a doubt, good news for Pochettino.

Ranking of the players with the most impact on game construction.

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PSG is the favourite, according to the AI