Video: Trump hits a boy with a baseball he had signed

During the preview of the third to last game of the Baseball world series, which the Atlanta Braves ended up conquering on Tuesday, November 2, the first to steal the eyes of the attendees was the former US president Donald trump.

The Republican, who continues to generate uncertainty about his aspirations for the next elections, surprised the attendees by appearing with his wife in the imposing Truist Park in the capital of the state of Georgia.

There, true to his style, he did not go unnoticed at all.

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From what can be seen in a video that circulates on social networks, Trump caused a great sensation among the fans located in the lower tier of the box where he was.

His impact on the public was so great that a minor, dressed in the colors of the Houston Astros, asked him to sign a ball.

Despite an incipient reluctance, the screams of the fans led the renowned businessman to accept the proposal.

The little boy, who must be around 12 years old, threw the ‘hot ball’ at him with a certain lack of strength but the controversial ex-president, dressed in his traditional dark suit and red tie, honored the supposed ‘successful past’ he had as an amateur baseball player and caught the ball in the middle of the difficulty.

After finding a marker to sign the ball, came the most alarming of the moment.

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The Atlanta Braves were crowned champions after more than 20 years without success.


TikTok: @ loupastore27

The former president prepared to throw the ball in a parabolic movement so that it would surely fall gently into the child’s hands, but, without more or less, his execution failed.

As can be seen from the record, the ball accidentally impacted in another adolescent located a few centimeters from the minor interested.

Luckily, according to what has been learned, the blow was not serious and the affected person did not present any injuries.

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Without knowing the destination of the signed ball, the only certainty is that if the minor wishes to sell it, on Amazon there are offers of similar copies that, by Trump’s signature, sell for about $ 1,800 (almost 8 million Colombian pesos).

A ’round’ business.

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Video: Trump hits a boy with a baseball he had signed