Time is running out for Luis Rojas and the Mets; Edwin Diaz can’t find the key

The manager Luis Rojas of the Mets from New York is aware that time is running out to fight for a place in the MLB playoffs; Edwin Diaz can’t find the key to close the games.

Like all MLB closers, Edwin Díaz is having a hard time closing games.

In less than a week he has been dropped twice and blew out two more saves.

On Tuesday, the president of the Mets Sandy Alderson, said the manager Luis Rojas he did an “exceptional job” in the first half of the season. But he wasn’t ready to say that Rojas had won a new contract for 2022.

“That is a decision that we will make in light of all the circumstances at the end of the season,” Alderson said.

Luis Rojas made several tactical decisions in the top and bottom of the 10th inning that flopped against the Miami Marlins. They point him out for letting Diaz face Bryan de la Cruz, which any manager would do because we’re talking about a rookie versus the pitcher who has the second save record in MLB history for a Latino versus a rookie who doesn’t have 3. months in the majors.

However, it must be admitted that Bryan de la Cruz has been burning with his stick since he arrived in the Major Leagues, he has been an essential bat and the most consistent of the Miami Marlins since the trade deadline.

The Dominican fired an air ball at the center field wall with the bases loaded; he drove in the winning run to give the offensive backup to fellow countryman Sandy Alcantara who threw the complete game throwing 9 innings with 14 strikeouts and one run allowed.

In Diaz’s last three starts, he has allowed 4 runs in 2 innings, in his last six starts he has a 6.00 ERA with two losses and one win.