Tigres maintain their aspirations by liquidating Lions (+ Videos)

Harold Capote Fernandez

Leones del Caracas and Tigres de Aragua arrive on Sunday with the possibility of giving a decisive blow to the aspirations of the other. The longhaired cannot afford to lose more in Round Robin, the Bengalis need the lauro to try to move up the standings.

Under this context of danger, those of Maracay go ahead in the second inning with a single by Francisco Arcia that brings José “Cafecito” Martínez. In the fifth they extend the advantage when Alexi Amarista walks with the bases loaded, scoring Edwin García.

However, the prolonged offensive lethargy from Caracas could not be perpetual and they reacted with a good 4-line rally in the lucky seventh.

Maikel Serrano and José Rondón open with hit, José Flores touches to sacrifice himself but manages to reach base after an error in throwing by the starting pitcher, Elih Villanueva. At that moment Jhonny Pereda arrives with double base sweeps and steps on the plate when reliever Ángel Padrón incurs a deflected pitch.

Determined to keep their options, the tigreros managed to equalize in the bottom of the eighth. Denis Phipps starts with biangular and later reaches the register due to Jesús Zambrano’s wild pitch.

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This eventually forces you to play additional innings.

Tigers and their deadly claw

This game could not be more fierce. During chapter 12, the Aragüeños felines specify the final ambush, Alexi Amarista, on base after selection play, reaches the middle with a hit from “Cafecito”, and unattainable gold by Phipps steps on the plate with the winner.

The award goes to Ronald Belisario’s account (1-0, 38.57), after a good 1-inning relay. Loses Felix Carvallo (0-1, 2.25) who can only get one out in his presentation.

Now the Tigers have a balance of 5 wins and 6 losses. Leones is still in a Round Robin nightmare with 1-9 and 8 falls in a row.


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Tigres maintain their aspirations by liquidating Lions (+ Videos)