They corroborated what was so feared about Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera not only makes mistakes on the field of play when he has to put on a Major League uniform, he can also do it in his private life and much more when it comes to his cars. Join us to see what it’s all about. swipe!

Miguel Cabrera He didn’t have a great season MLB with the Detroit Tigers despite getting off to a great start. Injuries prevented the Venezuelan from being at 100% and now his focus is on the Baseball World Cup with the Venezuelan National Team, although his participation is not fully guaranteed for various reasons.

At the time, Miguel Cabrera paid $30,040 for his Chrysler 300, being one of the classics that has accompanied him since the beginning of his career. However, let’s remember that this line has five versions and one of the advantages is that it will now have a new hybrid engine with a renewed performance appearance package. But now the amount of this cart has changed.

Currently the Chrysler 300 of the Venezuelan has a value of 55,000 dollars in the market. In addition, it is capable of doing 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds, as well as reaching a top speed of 278 km/h. A true ship with wheels that Miguel Cabrera enjoys a lot, despite having been eliminated this season in the Major Leagues.

Let us also remember that the Miguel Cabrera’s Chrysler 300 Luxury Sedan offers unique comfort for various rides along with good NVH levels. It’s also sportier than the regular 300. As if that were not enough, this car offers great performance from the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine with very good alternatives that make it a fairly complete car.

Yes, Miguel Cabrera became part of the MLB books as well as his Chrysler 300 Luxury That sedan also came to join the competition against other popular large segment vehicles like the Toyota Avalon. Although the Major League season ended for him, the focus will now be on the World Classic for 2023 with the Venezuelan National Team.

Miguel Cabrera and his Chrysler 300

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They corroborated what was so feared about Miguel Cabrera