THE LATEST !: Randy Arozarena CHANGED to Boras Corp and may be the most paid CUBAN

By Dency Milan

The talented outfielder Randy Arozarena has moved to a new agency to represent him in his career as a professional baseball athlete. Randy currently plays for the Tampa Bay Rays in the East Division of the American League, from Major League Baseball-MLB.

With a successful past in the Mexican League, Randy arrived last year, and managed to amaze all the fans and specialists of the Big Top, until he was the sensation in the playoffs, which led him to win the award for Most Valuable Player of the American League Championship Series.

As the Cuban writer Francys Romero baptized it, ‟Mr. October”, For his performance, and for breaking a home run mark (10), which was held by nothing more than the legendary Barry Bond.

This season he asserted that his performance last season was not the work of chance and ended up being nominated for rookie of the year, in addition to having another scandal postseason, achieving a historic milestone, in being the first player to steal the home plate and hit a home run in the same match, showing that speed is his weapon, whether in the wrists and arms, or in the legs.

With all this performance Randy knows that a player’s career is short, and that he has to take advantage of his peak moment, to guarantee his future and to a great extent depends on a good agency that represents you. Because Randy Arozarena just choose the Boras Corp Company to represent you in search of a better contract in the future.

Boras Corp is the company of the tycoon of the world of baseball Scott boras, who is dedicated to representing Major League Baseball players, the Californian has moved more than 1.62 billion dollars from 2018 to here, since he knows how to close contracts in an incredible way.

Among the players that this multi-million dollar company represents are names like Corey Seager, Max Scherzer, Kris Bryant, Nick Castellanos, Carlos Rodón among many others. His latest addition before Randy was prominent second baseman Marcus Semien, who is expected to land a juicy contract in free agency, as is Nick Castellanos.

Boras enters five percent of what the player receives within his most popular contracts. In 1997 he broke the record when Greg maddux received 50 million, in 1998, leading Kevin Brown to collect more than 100 million (first to do so), then in 2000, with the notorious contract of Alex Rodriguez of 252 million dollars for 10 seasons.

The closest Gerrit cole (324MM, 2020-29), Stephen strasburg (245MM, 2020-2027), Anthony Rendón (245MM, 2020-2027), Bryce harper (330MM, 2019-2032), Jose Altuve (163.5MM, 2018-2025) and Mike Moustakas (64MM, 2020-2024).

If we look at what Scott Boras has done, and what he has in free agency, we can say that Randy will be able to get a great contract, because what Scott is clear is that if a player does not have the potential to sell well, he will not let him in. to your circle. Now we can say, ask ourselves, affirm: Will Randy Arozarena be the biggest contract of a Cuban in the Major Leagues?

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THE LATEST !: Randy Arozarena CHANGED to Boras Corp and may be the most paid CUBAN